Off Week - The Best Label Parties

Words by: S Roberts
Posted: 24/4/18 13:39

Half Baked Records @ Off Week 2017, photo credit: Khris Cowley

As well as Arpiar and Trip, who were mentioned this week in our Open Air Guide, there are some serious label parties worth considering for your stay in Barcelona. We provide our pick of parties that are coming in hot to Off Week 2018.


Yoyaku - 15 June

There’s something to be said about an imprint that can be found in so many record bags and still keep it’s mystery and edge. Yoyaku has long been providing diggers with that much needed pick me up whilst sifting through endless discographies. Both Yoyaku and it's sub label HOSTOM tend to sell out with ease, largely due to the frequent Input from Janeret and Varhat.

While many try and fail to execute that currently popular stripped back sound with a groove, Yoyaku has consistently exampled just that. For this excellent label showcase Cabanne, Zendid Oshana and Roger Gerressen have also been drafted in to support Varhat and Janeret represent the best record store in Paris.

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Melliflow x Cartulis - 13 June

Vera and Alexandra’s mega hyped Melliflow label teams up with Unai Trotti’s London based Cartlulis. We covered Melliflow recently in our 'Anatomy of' series, which you can read here..

Between these two labels, the list of cities and clubs taken down is endless. Their similar roots enable them to serve up a well matched vision; artists like z@p, Francesco Del Garda, Baby Ford and Nicholas Lutz are a common feature here. The unison of their impeccable music taste has resulted in three off week parties for 2018.

We’re tipping their early Wednesday party to be the hot ticket because, let’s be honest, the first instalment of anything is always the best. Catch Vera, DJ Masda, Z@p and Davy for the first ‘Full OFF Love’ party at intimate club Red58.

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Half Baked Records - 15 June 

Greg Brockman, Mike Shannon, Robin Ordell. These are probably all names that you’ve come to appreciate over the last year or so. However, since Half Baked Records started as a vinyl only label in 2013, each of these artists have played a big part in nurturing the success and quality of music for the label and it’s showcases. Their love for deep house and ode to wax is still the main motive for the imprint, and has resulted in releases from a range of artists including Fumiya Tanaka, Nima Gorji, Doc Martin and so many more. Hold Youth, tINI, and Rainer join the regulars at Up & Down club. 

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Drumcode - 16 June

For fans of big room techno, labels don’t come more much more consistent than Drumcode. Adam Beyer's creative love child has morphed into a super brand, keeping ahead of the marketing curve and enticing countless newbies into the world of techno, to enjoy their full throttle parties. The label is now globally iconic thanks to the solid armada of techno DJs and producers who have contributed to releases. They now roll deep with their affiliates, and invite Pan Pot and Sam Paganini join the firm for Off Week 2018, which features an exclusive back to back from Adam Beyer and Joseph Capriati.

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Toi Toi Musik x Fabric - 14 June

Toi Toi Musik have seriously pulled a number for this collaboration with Fabric which celebrates ToiToi’s 8th anniversary quite suitably. If you aren’t familiar with the artists on the roster of the agency-come-record label, we strongly suggest you delve deep. The super successful London club night sure has good innings, and thus will invite long standing fabric resident Craig Richards for a rare back to back with Margaret Dygas. Toi Toi will also be showing off their Sunrise affiliate Herodot and Ion Ludwig, who will be doing a breaky, dubby live show.

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