Off Week - 5 Of The Best Live Shows

Words by: S Roberts
Posted: 26/4/18 9:25

KiNK live at Warehouse, Nantes April 2018, photo credit: Facebook

As part of our off-week selections, Ibiza Voice delve into the hazy territory that is the live set. Ranging from the heavily improvisational KiNK, to the clinically executed techno of Matador, as well the dub textured minimal excursions of Ion Ludwig...Here's the pick of the crop for your week in Barcelona.

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Thomas Melchior - 13 June 

Music lovers continue to give the nod to Melchior and his solid career innings. Watching the producer blaze a trail, with his Melchior Productions showcases over the last year, have re-affirmed his place at top of the pile. After handpicking his slots for serious minimal throwdowns like Sunwaves and Perlon showcases, it’ll be an interesting twist to see if he switches up his live show for tINI’s flamboyant off week Gang party. His live appearances are few and far between, so don’t sleep on the chance to catch him in a different comfort zone (although we imagine, giving his body of work, he’ll have no problems). 

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Octave One - 14 June

It’s fair to say the brothers Burden know their way around a live show, which is fuelled with MPC action and other drummy analogue tools. With material spanning seven albums and two decades, prepare to get lost in their ‘classics’ , whilst simultaneously being won over by their lesser known bombs. The aptly titled Detroit Love couldn’t be a more fitting place for them to stride into the booth. 

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KiNK - 16 June

Over the last few gigs we’ve seen KiNK’s live shows gain velocity and start to incorporate crowd participation into his jazz-fuelled sessions. From critically acclaimed albums to mind-bending Boiler Room shows, anyone who has seen KiNK play live will testify to his truly vibrant and creative nature. Where some live acts play safe, relying on pre-recorded loops to feign improvising, KiNK is the real deal.

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Matador - 16 June

Gathering momentum with a slew of releases on M_nus, Vakant and Perc Trax, Matador is no stranger to performing live. From MIDI controllers, live fx and samplers, his live gear arsenal seems to just keep growing. This unpredictable element has seen him become a festival favourite from Paradise to Drumcode, where he adds a much-needed live act to the DJ heavy roster. Expect his main room sound supports the Irish born producer’s consistent, global touring schedule. 

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Ion Ludwig - 14 June

Ion Ludwig takes his sought after live act on the road again for Barcelona. Ludwig is a mainstay of the Toi Toi agency, and his deep and dubbed out offerings have put him at the forefront of Europe's minimal exports. Stopping off at Sunwaves and Get Perlonized in Panorama Bar before joining us in Catalonia, we expect his live show will have gotten a solid road test prior to off week.

The hype surrounding this one-off Fabric x Toi Toi collaborative event is well justified…it’s rare that fabric even host events out of their Farringdon home. We certainly know where our bread is buttered.

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