Podcast Flashback :: Fuckpony

Words by: I Voice
Posted: 30/4/18 17:55

Jay Haze aka Fuckpony

The Ibiza Voice Classic Podcast :: Fuckpony
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Fuckpony’s Jay Haze liked to think he was “fighting a guerilla war against mediocrity on a daily basis,” and for a few years he was. Working with Swiss producer Samim, the characterful pair didn’t shy away from controversy. That carried over into their music, which was wilfully curious and quirky, and came into the form of stripped back techno with an edgy undercurrent.

Taking cues from Chicago, Detroit and acid house, the project came on Haze's Contexterrior and Tuning Spork labels and tried to bring back some of the realness and emotion that had got lost in an era of proudly machine made music. It spawned two albums—the second of which was Jay on his own—that also dipped into psychedelia and attempted to offer something that went beyond the dance floor.

Vocal collabs with the likes of Big Bully, Shaniqua and Lil Dirrty Ghetto Bastard helped in that regard, but as this podcast from 2009 proves, Fuckpony never sounded better than in the club. It’s an hour that starts with big house drums embellished with spoken word snippets and Latin percussive patterns that really get under your skin.

The mixing is tight and elongated, and in that way reminds you of the big names of the time like Luciano. Later on, though, the reservedness makes way for more overtly emotional and pumping tracks that call for all out booty shaking. Fuckpony may be no more, but they certainly did enough in just five or so years to have earned their place in dance music history.


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