Ushuaïa launch Dystopia

Words by: I Voice
Posted: 2/5/18 12:42
Dystopia is bringing a fresh twist to Ushuaïa
Ushuaïa has announced a new weekly 'festival' concept which, refreshingly, seems to be more underground focused in music content. 

Ibiza Voice warmly welcomes the new weekly Friday concept, which starts on June 1 and runs until September 28, which goes under the name of Dystōpia. It will, they say, see the globally-renowned outdoor venue converted into an immersive space with a new stage, curious visuals, live art, performances and plenty of unconventional extras. 

Dystōpia seems to take cues from the success of parties like Woomoon and Bedouin's Saga concept at Heart which, although they are relatively new to the island, are clearly having an influence on curation of the heavyweight venues.


Luciano appears to be the front man for Dystōpia and will play 11 dates across the season with the likes of Black Coffee, Adam Port, Apollonia, DJ Koze, Redondo, Jennifer Cardini, Patrice Baümel, Shaun Reeves, Shonky, Thugfucker, Bedouin, and the enigmatic Damian Lazarus in support.
Few places in Ibiza allow for open air partying these days, so it looks like this might be a decent way to enjoy the plush poolside setting of Ushuaïa without having to fully sacrifice your music taste.  
It's May, which means Ibiza Openings are just around the corner - get some:

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