For The Record :: How Carl Cox might take Resistance to the next level

Words by: Johnny Lee
Posted: 3/5/18 9:40

We can always count on Carl to bring his infectious vibe to any dance floor.


The fact that Carl Cox will play three times for Resistance, this summer, somewhat negates the loss of his award winning 'Pure' shows, which were - by far - the best parties on the island last summer.

In hindsight, 2017 will be remembered as the year Privilege struck back. Carl Cox and Tale Of Us relocated to San Rafael after the closure of Space, Richy Ahmed stopped by for a jot of pop-up party action, and global dominators Resistance landed in Ibiza to add even more techno firepower to Privilege's mouth-watering weekly events programme. After half a decade in the doldrums, the World's Largest Nightclub was suddenly back at the forefront of the scene. And the prospect had dance music purists everywhere salivating.

Fast forward 12-months and Privilege haven't quite managed to build upon the mass of momentum they generated last summer. Tale Of Us have departed after a solitary season, likewise Carl Cox and his Game Over Productions crew, who are taking their show to rival superclubs Pacha, Amnesia and DC10. Ostensibly, it's a giant kick in the teeth for ravers who like to stomp around to educated techno in stripped-back warehouse-style environments.

 Privilege - at full power - is as good as it gets. Will 2018 be a vintage year?

But, hold on. Let's not get too depressed. After all, Privilege gained enough positive exposure last summer to last the venue well into the next decade.

Where Privilege are concerned, all future projections of prosperity were torn up and recalculated on the evening of July 11, 2017, an hour before the Pure Carl Cox Opening Party. How did we reach that conclusion? Answer: a quick natter with the kids waiting in the queue.

Indeed, that night we were amazed to discover just how many of the 18-to-25-year-olds waiting outside had never been to Privilege before. They'd heard rumours about the place - stories regarding the sheer size and scale of the main dancehall - not to mention tales concerning some colossal bygone party called Manumission which once ruled the island. But despite their undoubted intrigue, luring those young British workers away from their customary clubbing haunts, Sankeys and DC10, would require a enticement of Carl Cox-sized proportions.


Exiting the venue the following morning, however, everything had changed. Ultimately, Privilege was back on the map. And rightfully so, because the 10,000-people mega rave that turned primal the night before was without a doubt the best party the island had seen in 10 years. For the youngest heads in the crowd, who were experiencing the raw power of Privilege for the first time, it was a spectacle they would remember it forever.

And so despite the fact that clublife at the World's Largest Nightclub appears to have taken a few steps back over the wintertime, the venue is in a far better position than it was a couple of years ago, when an entire generation of young rave heads were busy sidestepping Privilege in favour of… well… pretty much everywhere else.

Today, following a truly triumphant 2017, the name Privilege carries a certain weight again, a certain credence, and what better insignia to shoulder responsibility for upholding that colossal reputation restored than global techno brand Resistance, who return to Privilege this summer on Tuesday nights for another weekly run of banging parties.


Backed by the mighty Ultra, Resistance are rightfully regarded as some of the biggest hitters in the techno game. Even in their debut season on the White Isle, their weekly party line-up read like a who's who of the underground house and techno scene. Yet regardless of their deep pockets, the atmosphere at Resistance didn’t quite live up to the raw rave vibe generated at Pure Carl Cox.

The reason? Despite the fact that both parties were held on a Tuesday night at the same venue, the attendant crowds were vastly different. We're referring, of course, to the young workers core we mentioned earlier. The 18-to-25-year-old techno obsessives. The dance music purists. The wild ones. What ever you want to call them, they rocked up to Pure in their droves and got into it right away. By contrast, the vibe at Resistance took a little longer to turn primal, chiefly because the tourist hordes were nowhere near as loose, nowhere near as messy.

And that's why today's announcement is so alluring. After all, the fact that Carl Cox is set to play thrice for Resistance at Privilege this summer gifts a situation that appears to benefit everyone. With Resistance on board, club life at Privilege still feels bona-fide. Moreover, the wildest members of Generation Z will still be able to see Carl Cox performing at the World's Largest Nightclub in a stripped back warehouse-style environment. And as for global tech dominators Resistance, if they really are serious about taking over the world, which seems entirely plausible at this point, a little of Coxy's raw rave appeal is just about the only thing their double-slick operation is missing.

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