New Music in Review - May 4

Words by: Daisy Plimmer
Posted: 4/5/18 12:50
New music from Seth?


As the weeks roll on towards summer, the releases start thinning out because producers have emptied their hard-drives of all the material they worked on over winter. The focus shifts to DJ gigs and a lucky few tunes get evaluated to that mythical ‘summer anthem’ status and hammered for weeks. There are a few candidates in this week’s round up, as well as some we hope we never hear again. 


Loose Joints - Is It All Over My Face on West End

This is a stone cold disco classic from Arthur Russell. Very different from much of his more delicate and abstract Avant-guard minimalism, it’s an impossibly loose bit of instrumental funk that makes you want to jangle your bones like they aren’t connected. This reissue includes the celebrated female vocal version, a lesser known male vocal and both tunes will get the attention of any club at any point. 


Nami - Endz009 on Eastenderz

East End Dubz is quietly becoming an absolute authority on dubby tech minimalism. Here he welcomes Romanain Nami to his Eastenderz label for three superbly supple tracks. Scurrying basslines wiggle their way round warm chords and the tightest drum programming races along at a perfectly infectious rate. It’s pure dancing music with a real electronic soul. 


Gregor Tresher - Substance/Inhale on GTO Recordings

There’s nothing awful about the tracks on German veteran Tresher’s latest EP, but after so many years in the game you’d expect him to be able to come up with more. ‘Substance’ endlessly loops the same polite bassline and mildy rushed-up synth chords without ever really grabbing you, while ‘Inhale’ is a straight out the box breakbeat loop that sounds incredibly dated. Both rather give the impression of an artist going through the motions, but certainly not the emotions.


Gene on Earth - Top Cat on Limousine Dream 

Gene on Earth’s Limousine Dream is one of the hottest new labels out there. The Berlin based producer is consistently turning out slick electronic house tracks for real connoisseurs. On a foundation of muted, knocking drums that draw on the swing and shuffle of two-step, he’s layering smeared and cosmic chords, dropping in characterful bleeps and pops and underpinning the lot with enveloping analogue bass that cannot fail to get those fists pumping and feet bumping. 


Huge H - On To Another Time on Moreaboutmusic

These tracks will bang in a club, sure, but they are nothing you haven’t heard a 1000 times before. They’re prickly acid house tracks straight from Chicago in 1988. The rough analogue textures, icy metallic hits and gurgling 303s are all present and correct and they brim with energy, but why play this when you can just reach for one of the forefathers of this sound instead? I don’t get it. Let’s leave the endless fetishisation of music from days gone by to the rock world. 


Tessela/Lamark Artefax - Blue 01 on Whities

Dubstep and the innovative bass heavy styles that followed remain the most exciting music developments of the last decade. Of course, it all eventually went tits up like any new genre, but there are echoes of it in the drilling bass, steel plated drums and broken beat patterns of this new one on Whities. Baring plenty of hallmarks of the UK hardcore continuum, both cuts will bring visceral thrills and subtle euphoria to the floor. 


Seth Troxler - This Is It Then: Finally Physical - on Play It Say It

Where has this Seth gone? Troxler is now too busy heading up huge main stages to be making the sort of tripped out minimal house funk that features here, but let’s hope that by releasing these overlooked gems from his back catalogue they kick start him into some serious studio action. ‘Backclap’ is superbly synthetic drug music, ‘Agression’ is pressured minimal dub that will freak you the fuck out in a dark club at 5am and his Thrill Cosby remix of Hearthrob bends synths in a way that warps the very space and time in which you exist. 

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