Podcast Flashback :: Ryan Elliott

Words by: I Voice
Posted: 7/5/18 12:14

Ibiza Voice Classic Podcast :: Ryan Elliott
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The Berlin-based Detroiter still seems to exist somewhat under the radar. He doesn’t get the headlines of many of his city peers despite being as good a DJ as they come. Maybe that’s because his smooth, unfussy mixing—which can see him use up to 40 tracks in an hour—and knowing selections don’t aim to stand out from the pack. Rather than attempting anything too clever, he simply aims to lay down a compelling groove and each new cut adds an extra layer of percussion or intriguing atmosphere that further nails you to the floor. 

To prove the point, his current bio simply reads “Kick Drum. Bassline. High Hat.” It’s that subtle but rare skill to keep things simple but effective in the DJ booth that earned him a position as resident at Panoramabar, led to him making an entry in their official mix series and also putting out Fabric 88. Both exemplified his smooth and silky style and as it’s been this way since well before he recorded this podcast for us in 2010. Shortly afterwards, he started producing and there have been a smattering of EPs since 2011 on labels like Ostgut Ton and Spectral Sound.

But it is DJing which mostly stands him apart. This podcast proves that with an hour of stripped back and dubby house rhythms. There are plenty of quirks along the way, from trippy synth motifs to sunny keys via bluesy vocals. The whole thing is super supple, with rubbery kick drums underpinning the whole thing any keeping you utterly locked throughout. It’s a timeless mix that hasn’t aged a bit in the last eight years, and neither has Ryan Elliott’s DJ style: he remains one the most underrated names in the game. 

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