Podcast Flashback :: Mara Trax

Words by: I Voice
Posted: 19/5/18 13:38
We're getting nostalgic with Mara Trax. 
Ibiza Voice Classic Podcast :: Mara Trax
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Mara Trax was Vera and Miss Fitz aka Maayan Nidam. Before they came together around 2008, they had both forged solid solo careers. The former is German co-founder of pivotal modern minimal label Melliflow—as we explored recently—and the latter is an Israeli artist who also played a key role in the evolution of early minimal. 
Together they are intricate groove specialists who mixed Fitz’s love of kinked and tightly woven rhythms with Vera’s loopy machine functionality to come up with a fresh new house sound that was deep, stripped back and proudly informed by the classics. They only put out a few EPs, but on essential labels like Oslo and Perlon. 
In a short space of time their passion for rawness and early era house established them as an in demand live act and DJ duo who first made a name for themselves on the Frankfurt and Mannheim scene, and then wider afield. Built on heavy bass and snapping snares, they took crowds super deep and then tripped them out with weird organ sounds and chopped up vocals that could go way back to the past or right into the future with equal ease. 
“We want to keep it simple with the focus on the groove. We like the idea of connecting classic, old school sounds with new influences” they said at the time, and this podcast proves that was very much the case. It’s an hour of loose and wonky house that often veers into dubby, loopy techno but always remains impossibly fluid and dance floor friendly. There are bouncy percussive cuts, mind melting late night trips and heart warming house jams all included along the way. Testament to its timelessness is the fact that if someone served up a set like this today, you would never know it was recorded ten years ago. 
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