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Posted: 21/5/18 16:25
 La Fleur.
Swedish born, Berlin based La Fleur tells us about wet seats, shout outs from Diddy and her homes from home.

The city I would love to move to one day:
La Fleur: In a way I already did this move, when I moved to Berlin ten years ago. But I had in mind it would be for three months up going up to a year or two. I actually had the idea I would go and do a stint in Paris during spring, the following year, a city I always wanted to move to. But Berlin kept the spell on me and I’m still here.
Another one that was on my list of cities I would like to move to one day was New York, for the pulse, the people, I always have an absolutely fantastic time every time I’m in NYC, it just has almost everything one can wish for when living in a big city.  But times have changed.
I moved away from my home town of Örebro in Sweden, but one day I would actually consider moving back. But more to the place in the country side where I grew up. It has a very special place in my heart and is somewhere I try to visit as often as possible to rejuvenate, recharge and reset.
La Fleur's view from her childhood window in Sweden, photo credit: facebook 
The worst flight I ever had: 
It was an overbooked overseas flight and they had already started calling out over the loudspeaker whether anyone wanted to standby for the next. I needed to take the flight, so I begun boarding. I sat down and after a while, I felt that my seat was damp.
I stood up and leaned down to sniff it and realised it was pee! I was totally grossed out and called the flight attendant, but they didn’t really seem surprised or to care and just told me they’d get me a new cover. Since the flight was full it wasn’t possible to change seats or get an upgrade. I just had to sit there for nine hours in someone else’s pee! I was happy when I finally reached a shower. 
I never get on a flight without: 
On flights I try to rest, meditate or to contemplate things to come, or just try to be productive in a creative way. It’s insane what thoughts and ideas come through when you are on a plane for thirteen hours and you just let yourself be bored instead of having a movie marathon. So, for this reason I always take pen and notebook to write down ideas and to do lists, plus earplugs and a neck pillow.
The last to-do list contained a varied mix of preparing my music for the next gig, answering two interviews, thinking of remixers I would like to include on the forthcoming EP on my label Power Plant, adding new tracks to my Spotify playlist, buy new plants for the balcony, go through selection of photos from a photo shoot, buying a birthday present for a friend, doing an RA chart, listening through promos, book trains from Stockholm to my hometown in connection to my gigs in Sweden, and the list goes on…
La Fleur on a recent trip to Paraguay, photo credit: facebook
The loneliest I've ever felt travelling was: 
It was in the beginning of my DJ career and I was touring Indonesia. I was supposed to go for a few days holiday in Bali between the gigs. The night before we had planned to leave the promotor took me out for a dinner to a local seafood restaurant. It was delicious but I could tell the cleanliness of the place wasn’t the best. 
At night my stomach started to get upset and from that moment I couldn’t leave my hotel room for a week. I was more in the bathroom than in the bed and have never been so sick before or to this day. Turned out I got salmonella. This was before smart phones, Instagram and even Facebook and free and accessible wifi. There was a ‘computer room’ where you could pay to sit down and check emails and Myspace (!) but that was it, and since I couldn’t walk more than 30 seconds from a bathroom that wasn’t an option. I was totally worried about travelling home and fainted on the flight and they had to drive me out from the plane and airport in a wheelchair. I couldn’t wait to get home!
The most unique place I've ever played was:
Maybe not unique, but definitely the most unexpected, was a gig in Miami in 2010. I was in town because I was playing at a mutual friend’s opening art exhibition. It was during WMC so I was excited it all lined up. The gig was ok, not so busy (everyone was probably at another official WMC party) but there was a crew of guys hanging around and they seemed to really dig it.
They came up to me and asked if I was playing somewhere else during the conference and when I said no, they said they could arrange something at their friend’s bar. As the hungry DJ I was, I said yes, we exchanged numbers and we agreed that I would play the following night at his friend’s bar. The following day I’m in a taxi to the bar and the guy calls me on the phone. He is French and the connection isn’t good, so I only understand fragments but I hear ‘gig’ and ‘Felix Da Housecat’ and that’s enough for me to say yes so I’m accepting the offer not really knowing what I’m saying yes to.
When I arrive at his friend’s bar and we meet in person he asks me if I’m excited to do the opening set before Felix Da Housecat at Puff’s party at his villa on Star Island later. Turns out that was the first party P.Diddy held at his house during Miami Music Week and it was definitely one for the books! I’ve been to a few of them and also played after this very first one, but nothing really gets close to the intimate, ‘free everything’, exclusive, cool party this one was. Also slightly surreal with Puff walking around the pool on the mic saying ‘La Flooooor is in da house’. 
The best hotel I've ever stayed in: 
The hotel, Villa Dubrovnik, is one of those that actually looks even better in reality than in photos. The hotel is situated just next to the sea with an absolutely breath taking view overlooking Lokrum island and the sea. And you are just so close to and in nature, which is something I love and it makes me feel grounded and ready, a feeling I love. The first time I played in Dubrovnik and stayed at this hotel, it was one of the few times I really felt I want to go back to exactly this hotel. 
The view of Lokum Island at Villa Dubrovnik. Photo credit:
The last place to blow my mind was:  
I played for the first time in Santiago de Chile a couple of months ago and arrived early and had the day to explore and the promotor took us up to the Metropolitan Region, where we took the cable car up and tram down with an absolutely amazing view over the city and the Andes mountains. The view was absolutely stunning! Also the fact that within a couple of hours you can be in the alps skiing or at the beach sun bathing is extraordinary. 

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