Clubs To Visit Before You Die :: Heideglühen

Words by: Alex David
Posted: 24/5/18 20:26

There was a time where gatherings such as this were common, although not in any way ‘common’. They are now mostly buried away, deep, but not completely forgotten, in a cavity of your memory. Time adds layers. If you dig down and recall, you will remember some of the unforgettable, life altering moments that only the collective vibe on a dancefloor can provide and you long to feel them again.

Times have moved on. the music has changed. Drugs have changed. We have changed and, crucially, the emotional component has been reduced and reduced and, finally, removed from the club experience leaving a void which technology cannot replace. As club culture gets stripped back to social media buzz, 30 second video clips, A-Z billing, “brands”, “shows”, head-to-toe black, like share and tag 3 friends,  you boil it down to nothing of substance and remove the essence of what made it special in the first place. I find it amazing that as we endure the age of the individual, that the electronic scene (the natural home of the alternative) now encourages conformity and people accept it. Maybe it gives a sense of belonging but this is another story...

The current generation of club kids are passionate and willing, but they are less likely to experience the life altering rush that their parents enjoyed in the iconic parties of the 1990s. This is their loss. If you are born and heeld captive in the dark, then you cannot crave the light.

Lets agree that actually clubs and parties of the calibre of Heideglühen are an artform, although in chronic short supply. Promoters like this are artists...alchemists who understand the appropriate quantities and combination of what to provide.

To even find this club is an adventure, securing admission in no way guaranteed. The reward for the patient traveller, upon entering the tiny main room mid session, is to be hit immediately by overwhelming emotion and energy. It is impossible not instantly jump in. The two tiered space is jammed from bottom to top with dancers as the early evening Berlin sun illuminates the room. The crowd is completely mixed. There are constant surges of energy around the space. No one is standing still. There are various states of undress and shades of colour. There is not a single black t shirt. There does not appear to any English people in the crowd. There are no peaks to the music but you will not find a more euphoric audience anywhere in the world, than in that moment. This is the real thing.

You might not find Heideglühen. You probably will not get in. But understand, anyway, that hidden away in a corner of west Berlin, that a club that can change your life still exists. And be thankful for it. 


Lauren Lo Sung
Erick Morillo
Valentino Kanzyani
Roberto Capuano