New Music in Review - May 25

Words by: Daisy Plimmer
Posted: 25/5/18 13:21
Daniel Bell at WOMB, 2015.

Much of the dance music world might have been in Ibiza all week discussing a range of important issues, but that doesn’t mean a wealth of new music hasn’t slipped out. So it doesn’t pass you by, here comes our weekly round-up of the good, the bad and the ugly. 


OB Ignitt & Brian Kage - Obonit 10 on Obonit

There’s a reason Detroit is so perpetually revered as a hotbed of house goodness: the city keeps on turning out the goods. This new two tracker from 313 duo OB Ignitt offers big and happy house with old school piano chords, tooting trumpets and party start drums. Police sirens add atmosphere to the a-side, while the b-side rolls a little deeper with reflective chords sending you into a reverie. 


The Mighty Zaf and Phil Asher -  Free’x Beat on 80s

The Mighty Zaf is a bottomless pit of dance music knowledge. He runs the Love Vinyl store in London and regularly takes trips round the world to hunt down rare records. Phil Asher is just as well informed so it makes sense the pair have linked up to start new label 80s, which deals in overlooked classics. The first release features slap funk boogie bass on the title track, soul drenched disco on ‘1981’ and the synth laced cosmic funk of ‘Musical Dope.’ 


Esteban Adame - Mayan Basement on Mister Saturday Night 

Brooklyn party crew Mister Saturday Night know their onions, and the label arm of the operation reflects that with releases that mix up classically inclined but forward looking house and techno. Next up is Esteban Adame, who brings plenty of soulful and jazzy influents to his booming deep house grooves. This trio of tracks bristles with musicality as well as muscularity, with the title effort being a particularly standout cut thanks to its Roy Ayres style vibraphone madness. 


Flame 1 aka The Bug and Burial - Fog on Pressure

This is a new label from two hugely venerated veterans. They have worked together in the past but not for a while and news of any new Burial material usually gets the world going wild. This time, though, the results are underwhelming. ‘Fog’ is a sludgy techno rhythm with heavy dub and grainy ambience and ‘Shrine’ is the sound of a factory floor humming and hissing as a snaking groove barely moves forward underneath it all. Atmospheric? Sure, but arresting? Far from it. 



Westbam & Nena - Oldschool Baby on Fuck Reality 

German duo Smallpeople and Running Back boss Gerd Janson are all great artists, but there was no need for them to remix Westbam’s stone-cold classic ‘Oldschool Baby.’  Neither version will do more damage than the original: despite both choosing to leave the original’s ravey vocal in place, by removing the iconic bassline they reduce the track to pleasant deep house fodder rather than high impact hands-in-the-air anthem. 


Daniel Bell, Ben Neville and Robert Hood - Telegraph Classics Vol 1 on Telegraph France 

Any EP featuring Daniel Bell and Robert Hood is going to be worth your time. Both are minimal techno pioneers from Detroit who continue to find freshness in their form decades after starting out. Here, Bell steps outside his usual realm and offers a Rhodes laced, guitar licked micro-house jam that’s seductively synthetic and elastic, while Hood rolls deep and hypnotic with the lonely loops and hopeful sonar blips of ‘Realm’. 


Butric aka Butch & Ricardo Villalobos - Funf Viertel on Otherside 

These two have long been churning out quality club weapons, and often together. This time though they don’t bring out much that will set the world alight. ‘Funf Viertel’ is a grubby roller that will turn you inside out if you stick with it for the full 16 minute duration, while ‘Down’ is a dense and intricate rhythm track that gets rather too muddied and tightly coiled. Neither one offers anything we haven’t heard before from the pair and instead feels like them going through the motions. 


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