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Words by: I Voice
Posted: 8/6/18 14:03
Parc del Forum, one of the many venues Loud Contact will be hosting next week. 
With at least 14 events scheduled for Off Week alone (including tINI and the Gang, Circoloco, A:rpia:r, Fabric & Toi Toi, Afterlife, Nick Curly Presents Trust), how does Alessio Teora of Loud Contact, prepare for such an arduous task? We chat to him to about how he and his team deliver so many events but never falter on quality.
Ibiza Voice: Can you start by telling us about your background in electronic music, the scene you came up in and how you got into promoting dance music events?
Alessio: I started being a clubber, which still I am, following the best events around Europe and getting very passionate about it. I've been living between London, Ibiza and Barcelona, where I started making events eight years ago.

What parties or clubs/events have you been to over the years that have inspired your parties? Can you give us specific examples of parties and what elements in those parties you were inspired by?
Nightlife in Berlin inspired me quite a lot, more specifically Get Perlonized at Panorama Bar was one of my favourite parties. I was impressed about the long duration of those parties, the passion and the culture they put into the electronic music.

Can you tell us more about Loud Contact? How many people are working for you and who? and how many shows are you working on?
Loud-Contact is an event agency, born in 2011 in Barcelona. Since the beginning we have been collaborating with very important brands, labels and artists. We make at least a couple of events every month and currently we are working on line up and production for "Off Week" which happens every June in Barcelona. There are many professionals working with us to make it possible. 

What's your strong point as a company? Is it your relationship with the artists you're involved with? if so, which artists are these and how did these friendships begin? 
First of all passion and professionality play a key role in our making. Relationships with artists is very important as they are the protagonists on the scene, obviously after these years working with the same artists we became also good friends. 

You have an insanely busy Off week planned for Barcelona in June. How do you approach a week like this logistically? 
Well, we work all the year about it... luckily we have a good team, super united and available at extra efforts to reach the objectives.
What's the most exciting thing about promoting events currently?
Giving emotions to the public that follow you is priceless. Also, to imagine, create and then work in a location where there was basically "nothing", alongside all your friends and your favourite artists is amazing.
And what's the most challenging thing you've had to overcome so far?
Changing the location of a site - where you know each millimetre - to a new space with bigger capacity, it is as difficult as it is exciting at the same moment.. I can not wait to see how the Parc Del Forum production will be next June. But I can tell you something: it promises to be incredible! 

If you could rewind the clock to attend any party in history, which one would you pick and why?
I would have loved it to have known Detroit in its golden age and live the birth of the underground techno scene, a reference (I try) to follow in all my events.
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