The DJ World Cup Predictor

Words by: Johnny Lee
Posted: 11/6/18 14:50

The beautiful game lands in Russia this week. 

Only sport can rival music in its capacity to unite and, this week, unless you have been living in a cave, you will know that the 21st FIFA World Cup kicks off this Thursday in Moscow. So, to celebrate the biggest party in sport, we asked a smattering of the biggest party starters on the planet to offer-up their tournament predictions and plenty of educated player analysis, pundit-style.



Winners: Germany
Player: Mohamed Salah
Wild Card: Egypt

"I don't think you can really look too far beyond the favourites, Germany and Spain. Brazil have a good team, although they have a weak backbone. The French team are full of great players and phenomenal from front to back, as are Belgium, but I just don't know if they can play together as a team. The Germans always seem to just turn it on, so I'm going to go with them to win it. I was born in Wales, so obviously I was looking forward to seeing them qualify for the World Cup after doing such a great job at Euro 2016. I haven't been able to support Wales in a competition for years, so I really enjoyed it last time out. But unfortunately Wales didn’t make it.

At one point they were playing quite well, but Gareth Bale got injured for the important last few games and they screwed it up. When it comes to picking an underdog, I do think a couple of the African teams will be worth watching. Senegal have a great team, so do Egypt. Mo Salah has been so good this season I think I might support Egypt in this World Cup. So I'm going to pick Germany to win it, with Egypt as my second team!"


Eats Everything

Winners: Belgium
Player: Eden Hazard
Wild Card: England

"If Belgium play to the best of their ability then, personally, I think the World Cup is theirs to lose. The amount of top players they have at their disposal - Vertonghen and Alderweireld at the back as central defenders, the excellent Hazard, Lukaku, De Bruyne, plus Courtois in goal. That's a pretty impressive spine, one of the best in world football. They'll be hard to beat, I just don't know whether the manager Roberto Martinez has got it in him to orchestrate them actually winning it.

As for England, I think we will finish second in the group and make it to the quarter finals. And that will be an achievement for that team and the state of international football in the UK. There was a time when you couldn’t get a ticket to watch England. It was impossible. Now they can’t fill the stadium. My mate is in the England supporters club and he's always inviting me to matches because he can get tickets no problem. Ten years ago, even if it was a friendly against Venezuela, it was so hard to get tickets. But people have just lost faith over time, me included. Maybe the fact that we are not expected to do that well this time will work in our favour?"


Paco Osuna

Winners: Spain
Player: Lionel Messi
Wild Card: Belgium

"Of course I am Spanish, so I want my national team to win. But at the same time my heart is a little torn, because I would love to see Lionel Messi win. He deserves it. He has played in three finals and so far he hasn't had the luck to lift the trophy - it doesn’t matter if you are the best player, you still need a little bit of luck. So I'm rooting for Spain, but if Spain were to lose in the final to Argentina, I'm not going to be too upset because it would be lovely to see Messi win the World Cup.

You should also keep your eye on Iniesta - this is his last World Cup, so I think he is going to be magic. He had an amazing season for Barcelona and I can seeing him carrying over that form with the national team. My outside bet would have to be Belgium. They have amazing players - Hazard, De Bruyne - but I wonder if they are as strong as a team? They have no pressure and have no legacy in the competition, so they can just enjoy it. But they need to grow as a team and not play solely as individual players."


Richy Ahmed

Winners: Germany
Player: Mohamed Salah
Wild Card: Belgium

"International football has been such a heartbreaker for so long that I just gave up on it. I'm a massive football fan, but I actually forgot the World Cup was on until someone mentioned it to me yesterday! I didn't even watch a single qualifier. I've just seen the England squad and it looks quite good - the best squad we've had talent-wise for some time. And there seems to be less pressure this year, so hopefully England won't freak-out and for once they can play to their potential, although having to play Belgium there's no guarantee we will finish top of the group.

On current form, Mo Salah is the best striker in the world, so it will be interesting to see how far Egypt can go. But to win it, I don't think you can bet against Germany. Even if they're not playing well they just know how to win. Other teams haven't got that belief. Thanks why I always bet on Germany. They are winners. England have much better players than them, but we seem to suffer from confidence issues and the squad always ends up arriving at every big tournament being too scared to lose rather than ready to win."



Winners: Russia
Player: Vladimir Putin
Wild Card: Belgium

"What’s really surprising is how well Russia are doing in the friendly games," Gavin says. "I’m predicting them to host it and win it. I know a lot of people won't agree with me, but I’m going to stand by it. I’ve got a gut feeling that Vladimir is going to put the work in to make it happen."

"Belgium will be a force to be reckoned with, especially if they can get their act together," adds Duvall. "Even though Spain are an older team in terms of experience, I think they are fantastic. I always like watching them. So I hope they go the distance, not because I want them to win it, but because I like entertaining football. And what about Jamaica, are they in it? They should be."


Miguel Campbell

Winners: Brazil
Player: Harry Kane
Wild Card: Egypt

"My prediction for the World Cup is that we will be watching a Germany versus Brazil final, with Argentina going close. I also think Egypt are a team to look out for. Mo Salah has just had a breakout year and could well carry his team to a surprise victory.

I am often disappointed with England's performances early on in World Cup tournaments, but I do feel that we have a chance to reach the Quarter Finals and beyond this time around. I think the key to our national team’s success lies with the ability of Harry Kane to maintain the form he displayed for Tottenham throughout the course of the Premier League season. Let's see if he can do it."



Winners: Argentina
Player: Lionel Messi
Wild Card: Uruguay

"Like at every World Cup there are the big favourites - Argentina, Brazil, Germany and my beloved Spain, these are the undeniable headliners. As a Spaniard, I couldn’t be happier if we won this year's competition, but let’s be honest, so many amazing teams have qualified that it will be tough.

Besides Spain, I would advise you to keep an eye on Uruguay. Why? Luis Suarez. How amazing would it be to see Portugal playing Uruguay in the second round? Suarez against Ronaldo in Russia! But while my heart says Spain, I think we're going to see Brazil playing Argentina in the final, with Messi taking home the cup this year!"


Lauren Lo Sung

Winners: Brazil
Player: 'Bobby' Firmino
Wild Card: England

“I do think the competition will be out of Brazil or Belgium, but I’m gonna put my money on Brazil here. I know Firmino usually starts on the bench (god knows why) but if he gets his time on the pitch I believe he will be a star of the tournament. He’s had an incredible season at Liverpool and he’s been the back-bone of our side in my opinion. Brazil have a team of all-stars, with the likes of Jesus, Coutinho, William, Neymar - you can’t argue that they have some of the worlds best players. It all just depends on whether they properly gel in the tournament, if they do there will be no stopping them. 

England on the other hand have definitely got the quality on the team, but for some reason they can be like watching paint dry- let’s hope I’m wrong and they bring the cup home for us! Come on England”


Monika Kruse

Winners: Spain
Player: Neymar, Lewandowski, Timo Werner, Griezmann, Messi
Wild Card: Germany

"I can only say I hope the Germans win hahaha! But the French and Spanish are strong teams as well."

Darius Syrossian

Winners: Germany
Player: Julian Brandt
Wild Card: Uruguay
"I think if Germany manage to avoid Brazil in the second round they have a relatively clear path to the final and they swept the Confederations Cup last summer in Russia with their B team. Yes, Leroy Sane has been left out but if you look at the form of who is taking that wing position, Julian Brandt, his form for Leverkusen has been outstanding
As far as dark horse goes, a lot of people are saying Belgium & yes they have great individual players and have had a great run in warm up matches, but with all teams that have never won it before and come with high hopes the expectation (Holland 1974 & 1978) Scotland 1978) (England 2006) The weight on the players shoulders and the pressure is too much and with them leaving out Radja Nainggolan there is a bit of division and disunity in the camp.

So for dark horse I'm gonna go for Uruguay. I know a South American team has never won it in Europe, but they were amazing in qualifying and also have quite a clear path to the semi's if they top their group & from there anything can happen. As for player to watch, apart from the obvious ones I've gone for Julian Brandt and I have already explained why, but I think like Dino Zoff did for Italy in 1982, David De Gea could single handily take Spain quite far. If it boils down to deadlock with tough opponents in the latter stages of the tournament, a great keeper can decide things."

Sven Väth
Winners: Germany
Player: Messi
Wild Card: Brazil
"I have to pick Germany. I see no stand out country but, of course, several stand out players. We will of course be a team as ever, a big tournament team. I do not even watch the friendly matches. Also I think the draw has been quite kind to Germany. And one more thing, I am always frightened of Italy in the World Cup. They did not make it and in a strange way I am sad about that. But now we do not have to face them.
Messi actually won the award 4 years ago. I think he may do again. If Argentina can survive where else do you look ? He might even deliver more this time on the big stage. A football genius
No World Cup is complete without Brazil but this time I think they have that sparkle back and some great players. They could be very dangerous. If we, Germany, are to meet them again I can assure you it will not be a 7 – 1 scoreline."


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