New Music in Review - June 8

Words by: Daisy Plimmer
Posted: 8/6/18 11:55

Alton Miller still big in the game with his new EP 'All Things Good'

With the World Cup just a week away, your thoughts might be turning away from music. But they shouldn’t! We’re here to remind you of the best house, techno, disco and everything in between, and what needs to be forgotten.


Dino Lenny - Techno Is Dead on Fine Human

It is - in your hands - pal. 


Alton Miller - All Things Good on Waellas Choice 

But, thankfully, house is alive and well, and Alton Miller has been ensuring that this is the case for decades now. The US veteran is in a purple patch right now with solid EPs on Sistrum and Theo Parrish’s Sound Signature in the last year. This latest offering finds him in a particularly musical mood. His drums and percussion are loose and jangly and run through with jazz keys, meandering top lines and the sort of lush lounge vibes that peers like Glenn Underground do so well. Proper EP, this one.


Newman - The Long Journey on All Day I Dream 

I’m a fan of Lee Burridge’s dreamy and escapist house sound. It makes sense in the places he plays it—warm, outdoor locations, often on a beach—but occasionally the artists on his label take it a little too far. This new one from Newman, for example, veers too close to cheese to be acceptable: new age vibes, Buddha Bar-esque Indian vocals and a general pleasantness that’s more middle aged dinner party than desert rave. 


Various Artists - Imprints 014 on Imprints

Domenico Rosa and Riccardo's Imprints label turns out tight, kinetic house music that really pops. This latest various artist offering serves up four more slick and slamming cuts that range from the urgent funk of 100Hz’ ‘Kinetic Wasp’ to the sci-fi shapeshifting and sheet metal hi hats of Charonne’s ‘Vice City’. On the flip, the knotted ‘Sapcegehtto’ will turn you inside out with its bumpy drums and manic keys, and a second cut from Charonne is a spaced out, high tempo tech house that will detonate and floor. 


DJ Slym Fas - Teahouse Sessions on Step Recordings 

20 years after his latest EP under this alias—and more as Ibex on the likes of Planet E—Tony Ollivierra has still got it. His glowing, hi fidelity house sound comes tied up with cosmic synth work that’s weird, wonderful and more usually associated with chugging disco than house. The oddball mixture works, though and leads to some of the most vibrant and colourful cuts of the week. 


Alma Construct - Circulator on Power Vacuum

Alma Construct is a very smart young producer from Leeds. He runs his own label and has also linked with R&S, but now lands on Power Vacuum with seven tracks of ambiance, electro and IDM. There’s a crispness to his drums that always jumps out, while the surrounding pads are always things of dreamy beauty. Nothing he does here is particularly new, but it’s well executed and timeless in nature so will always find favour with the heads. 


Delano Smith - They’re Coming on Mixmode 

Detroit’s Delano Smith sure knows how to nail a groove. They are always simple, stripped back things where very little happens, but that keep you locked. Thing is, that’s his one trick, and he’s been doing it for decades. When he returns with a first new single for two years, then, it’s rather disappointing to learn that nothing has changed in the interim. Both these cuts function well enough, but don’t offer anything you won’t already have in your collection if you’ve bought his tunes before. 


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