Podcast Flashback :: Charlotte de Witte

Words by: I Voice
Posted: 9/6/18 11:49


It might be rich to call a one-year-old podcast a classic, but so much has happened for Charlotte de Witte since 2017 it must seem like a lifetime ago.

Since then, the Belgian artist has truly gone global and fomented her own style of techno. It is a dark, heavy one that is proudly unrelenting. Driving drums are at the heart of all she does, with subtle details elevating the grooves and creating absorbing atmospheres around them.

Her tracks have come on the likes of Mary Go Wild Black, Suara, NovaMute and Sleaze Records at an impressive rate: there were five EPs last year, and already two this year, despite a DJ diary that takes her around the world on a non-stop basis. It means she is as able to close down a huge stage at Electric Daisy Carnival as well as hold down a more underground crowd in the more intimate confines of Newcastle’s Cosmic Ballroom. 

The mix is just over an hour of perfectly paced and brilliant balance techno that incrementally steps up through the gears. It’s bulky, physical stuff that starts deep and dubby before expanding into more percussive grooves and hammering drums. It’s techno in its purest form but always manages to come with enough warmth and character so as to separate it from a lot of the plastic main room fodder plenty of her big name peers tend to deal in. 

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