Interview :: Alfredo

Words by: Joe Morris
Posted: 20/6/18 14:55

 A true originator - Alfredo.

Ahead of the Clandestino 30 years of Balearic Garden Party at Sheaf St, Leeds at the end of the month. Joe Morris chats to Alfredo about the upcoming event, life on the White Isle & travel back in time to find out his top tracks from 1988.

Ibiza Voice - Alfredo Hi, thanks for talking to us! We’re looking forward to welcoming you to Leeds on 30th June. It’s a celebration of 30 Years of Balearic Beat so wanted to ask; what does Balearic mean to you today, does it still hold the same ethos as it did back in 1988 or has it changed?

Alfredo - Hi, welcome. I`m looking forward to playing for Clandestino. Of course, the meaning of Balearic changed as in 1988 it was the way I play naturally the records. Not thinking in any label and just following my intuition and music collection and also the people. Nowadays it became a style or a type of music that many people are playing. But I think the eclecticism is still one of the main musical ingredients, that’s why I think the ethos is still there.

There does seem to be a resurgence in the Balearic vibe in Ibiza, or maybe it never left for you! What is your take on the current state of clubbing in Ibiza?

It depends on the place or club you play. I still play eclectic, but I don`t think many people are playing Balearic. Big clubs go for big names and the majority of them follow the main stream. Anyway, the word Balearic it’s all around the place!

I’ve heard you talk before about playing house records in Ibiza as early as 1985; where were you finding and buying those records at that time?

I was playing in Madrid in the winter of 1985 and got my records from an American guy that used to bring the records from the US, and it was there where I got my first house music, something that blew my mind and made me think that would change dance music forever.

You seem to keep your DJ sets pretty upfront and fresh; are there any particular artists and labels you are following?

I`m not following any special label or artist. I just choose the records I like, as I always did.

Have you played anywhere or been to any clubs that have come close to capturing the vibe at Amnesia during the late Eighties?

Probably Carry on, the after hours of Manumission was close to capturing the Amnesia vibe, as it was open air too. In the morning till early afternoon and with a public also very cosmopolitan. But it finished in 2005!

We were once told of a story by a DJ who whilst playing Blue Pearl - Dancing In The Rain, looked out from the DJ booth at Amnesia and witnessed Grace Jones dancing literally naked in the rain! Can you tell us of any other stories of celebrities ‘discovering themselves’ at Amnesia in the 80s’?

I never seen Grace Jones dancing naked the rain! I’ve seen her dancing in the rain to the original version of ‘Dancing In The Rain’, and don´t remember, celebrities discovering themselves! In the DJ booth or at the dancefloor. Maybe someone took out the t-shirt or did it somewhere more private. Who knows?!

If you were putting together a DJ chart during the summer of 1988 which tracks would be in it?

Bob Marley: Could you Be love
Ten City: One Kiss Will Make It Better
KC Flight: Planet E
Talking Heads: Burning Down the House
Pink Cadillac: Natalie Cole
Bobby McFerrin: Don`t worry, Be happy
Joe Smooth: Promised Land
Liz Torres: Mama’s Boy
Kraze: The Party
Mory Kante: Yeke Yeke
Prince: When Doves Cry

There are some that are not exactly from 1988, but I play untimed records all the time!

You have been a resident of Ibiza for 40 years now, it must have changed a lot in that time. Does the ever-growing tourism and increasing VIP culture bother you or have you found a way to live in harmony with it?

Yes, I have seen many changes during 40 years, and even if I cope with the VIP culture I don’t think it’s the best way that this lovely place has to go.

Away from partying, do you have any insider tips of special places to check out in Ibiza? Any great places to eat, visit or just hang out?

Ses Escoles it’s a great restaurant on the way to San Juan. Carpe Diem in Jesus has the best pizza in town; in Hostal La Torre in San Antonio you can enjoy a fantastic sunset! But more than this; enjoy the island if you can, the nature, the little calas, you will never forget!

Clandestino Yarden Party with DJ Alfredo - Saturday June 30 at Sheaf St Leeds LS10 1HD - Click here for event info

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