Top 10 Drum and Bass Records - June

Words by: Dannii Lilac
Posted: 28/6/18 13:41

 Skylark is one you should watch.

It's the end of June already and another impeccable month of music. Here is our run down of 10 of the best dnb releases.


1. Skeptical – Enjoy This Trip LP [Exit Records]

We all know Skeppy’s production is out of this world, so when news of a debut LP surfaced a while ago, everyone was a tad excited. Obviously, Exit was the perfect label as he has already released 4 EPs on dBridge’s imprint. The 14 track LP is everything you’d expect and more, a foray of half time, dub & of course 170 sounds that really showcase Skeptical’s versatility.


2. Various Artists – Collaborations EP [Fokuz Recordings]

If you have been following the dnb chart for the past few months, Fokuz Recordings have always featured highly. With a regular release schedule, it can be difficult to maintain a certain calibre, however there seems to be no problem of that happening here. The latest collaborations EP showcases the best musical pairings from the label including Macca & Cnof, Bert H & High N Sick, Edlan & Tremah. Pure musical bliss once again.


3. Alexvnder – Continuity EP [Celsius Recordings]

From Fokuz to Celsius, it's a family affair, with LA based Alexvnder already having released on other sister label Influenza. As well as featuring on the wicked 'Viber 'EP on Celsius back in April. This is his first solo effort and it is liquid dnb at its dreamiest. Celsius certainly is one of the most exciting labels out there if you like soulful dnb and this EP is a great example of this.


4. Gerra & Stone – Recognise EP [Vandal Records]

After a number of hard hitting releases on Dispatch and RAM. Gerra & Stone are getting deep with their latest EP for French label Vandal. The Delicate, haunting vocals of Jordan Jr paired with their trademark gritty bass on the title track is the perfect balance of light and dark and the same theme flows throughout the rest of the EP. Another exciting side to the Gerra & Stone sound.


5. Skylark – Driven EP [Dispatch Recordings]

A Dispatch debut from French producer Skylark, who effortlessly creates dark and moody rollers, yet still oozes a hint of subtle calm that give his music a really entrancing vibe. The EP features collabs with ENKK, Nexus & Tight and with support from the likes of Noisia. It's all looking bright for this new, exciting talent.


6. Macca & Loz Contreras – Lost Origins EP [Spearhead Records]

Macca & Loz Contreras are a duo in demand with a string of releases on Fokuz, SGN:LD & Liquicity. Lost Origins is there first full EP on Spearhead and it is nothing short of perfect for this time of year. Becca Jane Grey's vocals on the title track are deeply emotive and endearing and already one of the tunes of the summer.


7. SB81 – Future Point EP [Metalheadz]

SB81 is back on Metalheadz with his 6th EP, which is another dark and twisted journey into the Headz sound. You can really feel the natural progression throughout the last 5 releases, which is why 'Future Point' is his most esteemed offering yet.


8. VA - Glow/1 EP [Integral Records] 

Another label that can do no wrong lately is the irrepressible Integral Records. Their new 'Glow' EP series will focus on showcasing emerging artists like Mosaic who debut with the infectious and fiery vocals of Collette Warren . Along with man of the moment Satl and the beautiful sounds of Silence Groove and HLZ. 


9. Grey Code - Reverie EP [Dispatch Recordings]

Back to the Dispatch crew and they are another label keeping up the pace with some wicked releases this month. Grey code has recently come onto the scene with production skills well beyond his years and catching the attention of Ant TC1. This is his second offering for Dispatch and also features Mystic State and DRS


10. VA – Reform Selection Vol. 1 [Reform Music]

Reform Music is the sister label of Portsmouth based Inform Records and their 6th release features up and comers Co:Lateral, MOS & Kirbstomp. As well as long time staples See Jay & Bluescreen. Reform gloriously pushes the boundaries of 170 & beyond with some fresh, footwork and jungle inspired beats. 


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