New Music in Review - June 29

Words by: I Voice
Posted: 29/6/18 11:49

Welcome back! The World Cup is the talk of the town, although there is a day off today. What to do?  Here’s some great music to take the weekend to the next level, and some stuff to avoid unless you want to spoil it all. 


Fouk - Mating Call on Outplay 

Dutch pair Fouk (pictured above) are on a fouking good run of form. They have put out a wealth of EPs and contributed to plenty more in the last year, and their latest is their hottest yet. Across three tracks of limb-loosening funk they work house and disco into wobbly grooves that brim with vocal chants, knotted guitar lines and warm sunset moods. Essential stuff. 


Billy Turner - Don’t Talk to Me About Style on Drumcode

OK, we won’t. But we will say that Drumcode used to be a bastion of quality. It was a place to get functional techno that was so well programmed it became irresistible. But these days it turns out the same plastic, apocalyptic grooves over and over again from an endless list of new names. This new UK artist does all the usual tricks - blasts of white noise, thunderous claps, textured bass, but he never manages to reach anything close to meaningful or impactful. 

Smoove & Turrell - I Feel Alive on Jalapeño

Long time Newcastle funksters Smoove & Turrell have give us plenty of feel good hits over the years but these latest two are the sort of stiff dad-funk numbers that are Craig Charles’s staple. The production values are high but Turrell’s shouted vocals come over like he’s a rock front man desperately trying to break out. 


John Shima - Discreet on Exalt

Timeless techno here from John Shima. There is more than a hint of Detroit to both tracks, which wallow in deep waters as soft drums roll beneath twinkling night sky melodies. The pad work is exquisite, and immediately has you day dreaming about an untold future or forgotten past. Coaxing this sort of genuine emotion of out his machines is what Shima does best, and is what separates him from the rest. 


100% Pure Poison - Windy C Collection on Dynamite Cuts

This is an absolute must for jazz-funk fusion fans. The band was made up of group of American military men stationed in Germany during the early 70sand they realised just one album, but a classic one at that. They made pre disco soul with an urban feel and this double 7” features tracks not available on vinyl for almost 20 years, including one re-work by Fatima on her debut album. Must cop.  


Concept of Thrill - Materia EP on Wats

Polish artist Concept of Thrill hails from Warsaw and has a shadowy sound with supple drums and plenty of lo-fi texture and grimy dirt in the synths. He’s one who likes to mine a similar vein throughout his sets so that you really get locked into his world, and thats the case with the tracks here, which are all fulsome affairs that fizz with life as a range of drums from floaty to urgent all work you into a trance.


What? Feat. Eric D Clark - What You Doin? on Le Pena

This is a real mess. The vocal from Eric D Clark, in isolation, would get the club going if put with the right instrumental. But the annoyingly restless synth blurts and higgledy-piggledy drums of What?’s beats add up to an akawkward jumble that never really resolves and thus proves hard to get on board with. And that’s the same with all three of the mixes.

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