New Music in Review - July 6

Words by: Daisy Plimmer
Posted: 6/7/18 11:01

 Plant 43 has captivated us again with his reissue on Semantica. 


Endless sunshine, England winning a penalty shoot out in a World Cup, and the green light being given on a giant Baby Trump blimp for his visit next week—is this the best summer ever? Maybe. Why not make it that little bit better with some of the hottest music to come out in the last seven days. As ever, there are a few things to avoid so as to keep your buzz alive, so tuck in. 



Skymark - Find a Place in This Crazy World on Rush Hour


Skymark makes impossibly sunny house fusions laced with jazz-funk, soul-jazz and disco. This EP features his classic ‘Find a Place in This Crazy World’, with squelchy bass and bright, trilling keys married to a joyful groove. It also includes a perfectly adapted out, jazz laced remix from the master Ron Trent that will soundtrack the moment the sun sets at some beach festival perfectly and sink you into a deeper state of consciousness in the process. 




Loco Dice - Love Letters on Desolat


Loco Dice is going through some sort of crisis. He tried to go commercial with an album on Ultra, and now serves up an utter mess of a long player on his own label. His hip hop roots are well documented, and he has previously worked them into chunky techno and house to great effect, but this is a real clash of styles that’s impossible to penetrate: stark, metallic tech, busy arrangements with chopped up vocals confusingly stitched in and all sorts of weird stabs and FX that sound like a youngster randomly spinning nobs and hitting buttons. Truly dreadful. 




Pepe Bradock - Exodus 8 on Avatisme


OK OK, we missed this one somehow as it actually came out mid-June, but it is the finest release from the famously left of centre French house producer in years, so we need to talk about it. Importantly here, his weirdness and love of a strange sample doesn’t come at the expense of a groove, as it often can. ‘Is This Really A Party’ is an up-tempo track with a pained synth line buried under frantic drums, with a whole ecosystem of little samples, chords and hits adding the wooziness, while ‘Grandgousier’ has muffled vocals and ‘Deep Burnt’ style chords, bringing plenty of colour to proceedings. 




Ugly Mac Beer - Scratch Boobs on Diess Prod


Are you the sort of LAD who thinks two six-minute tracks of a woman faking an orgasm might be a decent addition to your set? If so, it’s a sound you’re probably used to. But please, keep it to your own bedroom because unless you’re playing to a crowd of particularly awful teenage boys, no one will find it funny. 




Plant 43 - Dreams Of The Sentient City on Semantica Spain


Svreca’s Semantica label is ten years old but remains at the forefront of techno. Here it dips back to a 2012 EP that veers into electro territory with equally compelling results. There is a watery atmosphere to the squelch funk of ‘Neon’, celestial air to ‘Metamaterial Cloaking’ and cosmic darkness to ‘Fluid’ that makes each track exist in its own little world. ‘Stellar Nursery’ might be the best, though, because of the beautiful melancholia in the keys.  




Dimbiman - Iso Grifo on Pal


Another essential reissue, this time from Perlon’s cult favourite Dimbiman. A master of minimal, his every release costs a fortune on Discogs and this EP from 1998 is up there with his best. It has an infectious micro-house funk and still futuristic feel to the synthetic bass and masterfully empty spaces between the beats that means it will spellbind any audience, even 20 years after it was first produced. 




EEE - EEE 003 on EEE


This has to be one of the most divisive tunes of the year. Imprints boss Riccardo and the hero-worshipped Zip have both been playing it but that’s not to say it won’t still turn a lot of people off: it’s a fairly standard if not compelling tech house beat riddled with samples of Kelis’s ‘My Milkshake Brings All The Boys to the Yard’. It sure will pump the party but might also be a reputation ruiner if you aren’t someone already as revered as those mentioned above. 




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