July Essential Parties - Miami

Words by: Grant Albert
Posted: 6/7/18 19:29

Delano Smith will be playing at The Electric Pickle on July 14

We take a trip across the pond to see what events are making waves in Miami throughout July.


Lazaro Casanova, W Hotel, July 7
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A Miami stable. Lazaro is a DJ that can play just about anything. Whether it’s classic house or Latin music, Lazaro has us all covered. It is no wonder he has played such a pivotal role in Miami’s music scene. We can’t get enough of him.  


Rolls ''N'' Do tINI & Bill Patrick, July 7, Treehouse
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There isn’t much that needs to be said about tINI and Bill Patrick. They play the house music we all love both seemingly and gracefully. This back-to-back set is sure to be a highlight of the Miami summer. They are doing an all-night set that will rock the lovely Treehouse. 


Matthew Dekay at Do Not Sit on the Furniture, July 13
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There is no need to be superstitious when Matthew Dekay plays. The Berlin based DJ is the cofounder of the label All Day I Dream, a label that is revered for its romantic, mystic, and cathartic house music that is unique to anything else. Matthew Dekay has been playing music since the 90’s so come prepared to witness a master play some utterly breathtaking sounds.


Delano Smith at the Electric Pickle, July 14
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Very few have conquered like Detroit’s Delano Smith. He is a DJ that has left such a distinctive and influential footprint on what we call house and techno. If you have any sort of appreciation for the electronic music we love and crave so much, you simply must watch Delano Smith make his debut at the legendary Electric Pickle in Miami. 


Aly and Fila, Treehouse, July 14
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There really isn’t a better genre to highlight a Miami summer like trance. Aly and Fila will be making their first ever open to close in Miami outside of Miami Music Week. The Egyptian duo have traveled all over the world spreading magical trance everywhere they go. Spend the night listening to something different. 


Sasha and DJ Three on the Space Terrace, July 14
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A man who needs no introduction. Sasha is back from a grueling touring schedule while the next one is about to start. Sasha will be coming back to the Space Terrace for another round of numbly deep progressive house that is perfect for beating the summer heat. If you are not able to catch a show from us, you can enjoy a new Fabric series that will be available shortly. You can also see DJ Three, a legend in his own right, play that night as well. 


Headless Horseman at Treehouse, July 19
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Dark. That is about all you need to know and expect from a Headless Horseman live set. There is little known about the artist. He is draped in all black with a hoodie that is nestled beneath a baseball cap and a face veil. It is obvious to say that he likes to let the music do all the talking. You can catch an extremely wicked set as he makes his Miami debut at the lovely Treehouse on Miami Beach. Come let the clandestine enchant you all night long. 


Archie Hamilton at Floyd, July 19
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The London based DJ / producer is known for his mesmerizing house and techno selections, making him so sought after. This would be a perfect show for both the club novice and the electronic die-hard. Few are doing it like Archie right now which is why he has made appearances in Ibiza’s Amnesia and Privilege as well as Sonar. Archie is also making his regular appearances for the global event brand FUSE. 


Eli & Fur, Treehouse, July 20
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You can expect deep, moving house from the Anjunadeep tag-team that is Eli & Fur. This isn’t their first show in Miami and yet, we cannot get enough of them. Their selections of house music are unique and powerful. Spend the evening with them and you’ll see what we mean.


Art Department, Club Space, July 21
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We can’t think of a better way to close out July than with Art Department on the Space Terrace. You will be hearing mystical house music that will illuminate the Terrace as the morning sun starts to peak. 


Mir Omar, Do Not Sit on the Furniture, July 26
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The New York based DJ will be making his Miami debut later this month. It’s no shocker he’s expanding, as Mir Omar has played all the great clubs in New York. His music is one that is meant to take you on a journey. It’s progressive, stable, and downright dreamy, all with trance undertones. Come welcome Omar to Miami. Also, if you are in Ibiza, please check out the shows hosted by Do Not Sit on the Furniture. You will not be disappointed. 


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