July Essential Parties - New York

Words by: Grant Albert
Posted: 6/7/18 20:47

Carlo Lio will be playing at Output on July 20

Here's our rundown of the best events happening in The Big Apple throughout July.


Brodinski at Good Room, July 6
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Not many can touch Brodinski. His collection of house and hip-hop is something that cannot be replicated by the weak of heart. If you’re looking for something that is not just hours of shrill techno, then Brodinski is your DJ. 


CityFox Experience: AndHim, Hosh, Rodriguez Jr. Steve Bug, July 7 
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The German duo always bring happy music. Whether it is opening for Solomon or playing in a tiny Belgian flower shop, you are bound to have a good time with them. They are passionate, driven, and having the time of their lives. It would be remised not to mention the live performance of Rodriguez Jr. He is constantly playing melodic house that will keep you swaying for hours while HOSH finishes it off. 


Teksupport: Len Faki, Ambivalent, Vall, Phil Moffa & Cry Baby, July 7
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The Berghain heroes are coming to New York. While the Berlin club is still a mystery, the sounds of these DJ’s are far from cryptic. Maybe leave your EDM cousin at home as this will get dark quick. Len Faki has continued to leave techno carnage wherever he goes. His bass-lines rumble and pulsate while the hi-hats hiss with the wind. Wear black, dance, don’t let the open-air event space fool you. 


PillowTalk at Elsewhere, July 8
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The US Trio have an ability to blend R&B, disco, house, and techno in a fluid and elegant matter. In fact, I think that is about all you need to now. PillowTalk is a no brainer to see. 


All Day I Dream New York Serene, July 15
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Avoid the summer heat with some light electronic music. The crew from record label All Day I Dream, will be playing an afternoon / early evening show in Brooklyn. Known for their airy and care free music, this show is perfect for creating a good vibe all around. Simply drift away through the speakers while Lee Burridge plays some cooling music to juxtapose the sun. 


Carlo Lio, Output, July 20
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There will be some nice minimal playing in Brooklyn. Just about every DJ has played a Carlo Lio track in his or her set, his sound is universal and throbbing. Whether it be techno, tech-house, or minimal, Carl Lio will have every base covered at Output. He will be accompanied by Kenny Glasgow and Steven Letigre. 


Phutek, TBA, July 20
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Phutek is a real behind the scenes DJ. He has over 20 years of production experience as well as playing everywhere imaginable. His dark and pounding techno has been played by numerous DJ’s like Carl Cox who has been playing his tracks for years. Better yet, in 2017 he signed to Carl’s Intec Digital label and released his “Edged EP.” Know him or not, you certainly shouldn’t miss this techno OG. Location TBA.


Not All There: Dosem, Lot 45, July 20
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Dosem has been able to produce some top tech-house tracks. It is no surprise that he has been signed to labels like Suara, Dig Deeper, Tronic, and Intec Digital. With great production comes great shows which Dosem can spend hours talking about. He has played venues like Berghain in Berlin, Womb in Tokyo, the Gashouder in Amsterdam, and festivals like Loveland, Awakenings, and BPM. I’m not even sure if we need to continue. If you’re in New York, check out Dosem. 


Panorama NYC 2018, Randall’s Park, July 27
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If you are not into sweaty, dark nightclubs, then Panorama Music Festival is for you. Along with a great non-techno line up like The Weekend, Father John Misty, Janet Jackson, and The XX, you can see Mall Grab, The Black Madonna, Kyle Hall, Floating Points, Avalon Emerson, Helena Hauff, Bicep, and many more during the last week of July.


Sundays on the Roof - DJ Tennis / Marvin & Guy, Output, July 29
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While the sun may be shining, the techno will get dark and mystical. DJ Tennis has his hands deep in the Life and Death sound that is less dancing and more of self-exploration though rhythm. Marvin & Guy will be the wildcards. They can go dark or disco in a moments notice. Regardless, hear some soul-searching techno on top of a roof in Brooklyn. 


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