Top 10 Vinyl House Chart - June

Words by: Aidan Mozejko aka Johnny Hot Shit
Posted: 9/7/18 11:31

Young German talent, Phillipp Boss has been commanding respect locally and beyond with his latest EP on Osman.   

Summer is now in full swing, so Aidan Mozejko brings you his top 10 vinyl house releases to keep you dancing long into those warm summer evenings.


1. Philipp Boss - Live needs Dialogue [Osman]


2. Gnork - Tokyo Breaks [Magicwire] 


3. Junes - Justified Fried [Dote]


4. Ark - Lenlife [Silver Network] 


5. SHKN - 07 06 17 [Subsequent]


6. DJ Meme Generator - Lowlife [OFFFM Germany]


7. John Swing - Desire [Relative Germany] 


8. Chris Geschwindner - Azur [Aerobic] 


9. Silverlining - Devotion [Silverlining dubs] 


10. Ewan Jansen - Love Machine [Red Ember records] 


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