New Music in Review - July 13

Words by: Daisy Plimmer
Posted: 13/7/18 11:19

Kerri Chandler pays tribute in his latest release on Downtown 161 


Well, that’s that. England are out of the World Cup and the day after felt like coming back from holiday; back to reality with a bang. Seems the sun has gone, too, and we’re in for a stormy few days. There’s no better way to boost your spirits than with some good tunes, so here come this week’s finest as well as a few to avoid if you want to stay sane. 


Dee Montero - Pangaea on Knee Deep In Sound


‘Pangaea’ from this new one on Knee Deep In Sound is the sort of tepid, middle of the road melodic house that gets used on adverts for family holidays at Centre Parcs: it immediately conveys a ‘fun, summer vibe’ in the most obvious way possible. If you heard it in Ibiza, though, you’d surely feel short-changed at such an inauthentic experience.  



Green Velvet & Mihalis Safras - Pez on Relief


Soon as this starts playing you can just see the crowd, pumping the air with one hand as they pull a bass face in mock disgust and clutch a water bottle in the other hand. Sunglasses on, v-neck t-shirts revealing the top of a glistening, sweaty chest. It’s all very male, all very white, and so intensely brittle you hope it might shatter before you have to endure any more. 



Somerville & Wilson - Yantar on Hell Yeah 


You can always rely on Hell Yeah to serve you up those blissed out and beach side hits. This time, Somerville and Wilson are behind two originals that hark back to dreamy Italo and an 80s Balearic heyday. A couple of remixes add slow motion acid lines and E-ed up new age melodies that are all tethered to long legged beats that make them perfect for pool side or boat parties alike.  




Austin Ato - The Sound Of on Me Me Me


Man Power’s label has unearthed a summer scorcher here: four tracks of sample-packed, fun filled house. Nothing on the EP is new or ground breaking, but it’s expertly constructed for maximum dance floor effect, from the soul-flecked disco house loops of ‘Ben’s Groove’ to the breezy jazz noodles of ‘Dah Dah Dah.’ It’s music that immediately gets under your skin and makes you want to move. 



Tun Up - Mat.Joe on Superfett Records


If you’re 12 years old and are addicted to Monster energy drinks, this twitchy, puerile piece of fidgety house is just what you need. Everything is loud, bright, and turned up to 11 meaning that it’s impossible to get inside what’s going on. Instead you’re just left reeling at a polished wall of shiny sound that will make your ears ring after just 30 seconds even on your home system, let alone in the club. And that’s not a good thing, by the way. 



Kerri Chandler - The Other Thing For Linda on Downtown 161


The eponymous Linda from this EP is someone Kerri has referred to before as “a mother figure.” She ran Downtown 161, one of New York’s biggest early distributors, and helped him get his first big release. He’s named a series of releases after her since, and this is as good as any across four cuts of warm, jazz flecked deep house with his trademark kicks powering them along. Essential.



Gemini Jazz - The Tantra on MusicandPower


Gemini Jazz is one of Ron Trent’s lesser known aliases. Stylistically the music bares all the hallmarks of the legendary Chicago producer: it’s loose and spiritual, layered with chords, drifting melodies and a late-night romance that draws you right in, but the beats are slightly more upright and driven that the material he releases under his own name. Either way he continues to find plenty of life in deep house while those all around him falter. 



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