New Music in Review - July 20

Words by: Daisy Plimmer
Posted: 20/7/18 14:52

Drummer B has a wicked new release on Derrick May's Transmat

Roll up, roll up! You need some hot house and titanic techno in your life and you need it now. This is exactly the right place for that, as well as somewhere that warns you off wasting your time on the stuff that’s more predictable than a Chris Froome win at the Tour de France.


Various Artists - Mau5ville Level 1 on Mau5trap

For someone who likes to fire shots at other people for making shit music, or playing synced sets, Deadmau5 sure does live on thin ice. He proudly shows off his Starship Enterprise like studio yet constantly fails to cook up anything of interest in it. That said, if you like watered down dance music with trite pop lyrics and hair salon beats, there’s plenty for you to get excited about in this new compilation on the Canadian’s Mau5crap label. 



Bass Clef - Charnel House on Happy Skull 

You can never go wrong with some proper warped, felt melting bass concoctions from the Happy Skull crew. This time it’s the ever-shapeshifting Bass Clef on the buttons and he cooks up two contrasting cuts here: ‘Charnel House’ swaggers along at 120bpm with dumpy kick drums encouraging you to sink low into them as a smartly filtered lead synth line frazzles, warbles and ripples through many different shapes, twisting your mind as it goes. ‘Acid Hearse’ is a skittish, cavernous dub chamber with rubbery bass, icy percussion and plenty of stoner spirt. 



Drummer B - The Diamond Project on Transmat

Derrick May’s Transmat has a real doozy on its hands here: whoever Drummer B is has cooked up four very different but equally interesting tunes. There’s the swaggering UK bass flavours of ‘Diamond’, breezy and deep house feels of ‘Again’ and raw ghetto sleaze of the hyperactive ‘What That Jxxy Bout’, all finished off with the mid-tempo techno and stream of conscious vocals of ‘In Case Y’all Forgot.’ It’s a timeless EP that explores various dance styles with real skill. 



Marc Romboy - Cosmo EP on Bedrock 

He might be enjoying something of a renaissance thanks to his big ‘Infared’ tune on Innervisions, but when back to more familiar melodic house territory on Bedrock he slips into boring mode. ‘Cosmo’ is so exhaustingly celestial that it wouldn’t sound out of place on Songs of Praise and ‘Asteroids’, with its wandering lead synth line, is the most basic of sci-fi house cuts and one that leaves you hoping you can return to earth and get off asap. 



Paul Woolford - Hang Up Your Hang Ups feat. Kim English on FFRR

This one featured at the RESISTANCE opening party in Ibiza this week when Woolford himself dropped it. Despite the size of the main room at Privilege, it still made a huge impact, but that’s no surprise given how expert Woolford is as crafting massive kicks and fulsome sounds. Whether reworking jungle, serving up piano classics or throwback vocal house anthems like this, everything he does has an inescapable sense of quality. Essential. 



Youandewan - Ideal Passage on Aus Music 

Having branched out on his own under his new The Brane alias, Berlin based Brit Youandewan now heads back to Aus, where he released his excellent debut album. These days he sounds quite different to then: his mopey deep house has been replaced with crisp, spaced out electronic grooves that feature supple drum programming which ranges from dubby and deep to bumpier and electro tinged. 



15 Years of Toolroom on Toolroom 

Danny Howard and Mark Knight—who both feature on this EP—have both ascended to the very top of the pile. They play huge gigs and sell out huge clubs round the world. They know good music - they must do, or they wouldn’t have got to where they are today. But on the evidence of this they completely forego all that in favour of the most noisy and maximal house tunes they can muster just so they stand out. They are cluttered, messy in the mix and so filled with different elements that each tune ends up as an indecipherable, plastic sounding mess. 


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