New Music in Review - Aug 3

Words by: Daisy Plimmer
Posted: 3/8/18 11:25

D Tiffany's Blue Dream is a real treat for the ears



August is here, summer still has plenty of life in it, and so does our weekly new music round-up. There’s a wealth of material to drop at outdoor terrace parties, but also some serious techno for those who prefer to stay in dark basements. As always, there are also some tips on what to avoid, so tuck in. 



D Tiffany - Blue Dream on Pacific Rhythm Canada 


Canadian artist D Tiffany somehow rather goes under the radar despite being pretty prolific. She doesn’t just put out a lot of tunes, but a lot of good tunes, often leaning on Detroit techno’s soul, dub warmth and a balmy house atmosphere for inspiration. Here we’re treated to open air breaks complete with bird calls, brilliantly loose and raw deep house, tripped out electro stylings and bubbly, underwater house that bumps and surges with steamy intensity. Her sound palette is organic and cinematic, and this is one of her best in a while. 




Dead Sound - This Is Human on null+void


After ten years as a blog but only a few as a label, null+void is a small but well-formed outlet that’s carefully carving out its own niche. Twisted techno and electro is the staple sound, and here Perc Trax artist Dead Sound brings UK flavours, IDM complexity and sinewy broken beats to four tracks that are utterly futuristic and dehumanised and designed for real dance floor impact. 




Pryda - Elements on Pryda


There is absolutely nothing wrong with supersized main room house sounds. When you play clubs as large as the likes of Amnesia in Ibiza and Green Valley in Brazil, you need upscaled sounds in order to connect with the thousands of people dancing before you. But nothing on this new one from Prydz offers anything that doesn’t already exists: it’s cookie cutter, pre-set tech for the Beatport charts that has about as much life in it as an overheated pig in high summer. 




Malin Genie - Mer Neith It Es on Malin Genie 


Dutchman Malin Genie has a narrow scope for his sounds, but what he does within his own specific realm is second to none. His warped, rubbery take on slick house and deep techno is perfect for cosy back rooms. It’s effortless dancing material but importantly it oozes sci-fi moods and curious grooves that provide as much for the head as the heel. This new four tracker is another timeless EP and marks a second sizzling release on his own new label. 




Private Press - Part Two on Indigo Aera


There’s something old school about the surging, hollowed out breakbeats of the first track on this Private Press EP on esteemed Dutch label Indigo Aera, and there is also more than a nod to countryman Shed in the way the whole thing deals in brushed metal surfaces. But the rest of the EP dips into perfectly crafted, Zip style house tunes as well as weightless techno with exquisitely programmed drums, so the release overall manages to avoid feeling overly sentimental and instead offers plenty to get excited about. 




Camelphat & Ali Love - Dopamine on Defected


Camelphat had one of the biggest hits of 2017 with ‘Cola’, and this new one with Ali Love is presumably their attempt to regain the crown in 2019. Unlucky, lads. Firstly, the bassline (which sounds like a bad rehash of a Chicago classic) is annoyingly wonky, stuttering about the mix in an energy sapping fashion that means the groove never really flows. What’s more, Love’s vocal fail to add any warmth or soul—largely thanks to a load of awful effects—and the whole thing is wrapped up in gun shots and blasts of white noise that are like nails down a backboard. 




Zoo Brazil - Ties/Sundance on Sci+Tec


There’s nothing awful about this EP, but it’s another case of two tracks that do so little they barely seem worth it. ‘Ties’ is a looping melodic house track that you could start and end anywhere, and it wouldn’t make any difference, such is the lack of arrangement, progression and narrative. ‘Sundance’ also loops over and over for six minutes, and while it aims for a blissed out sunset house vibe, there’s a harshness to the hits that means you just can’t properly sink into it. A perfectly forgettable EP, then.



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