SPONSORED - Revibe Drink Lets You Rave For Longer

Words by: Ibiza Voice
Posted: 10/8/18 14:34

New energy gel Revibe keeps the party going without the crash

People have never been more health conscious than they are in 2018. That even extends to ravers: not traditionally known for being that keen on looking after their own health, dancers have had no issues with dancing for 12 hours plus, sweating from every pore and keeping themselves going with a mix of booze and whatever else. But things are changing. 

If you're one of those people who are more careful about what you do to your body--or even if you're simply fed up of the lingering effects of mistreatment days after—you need to check out a new product from REVIBE.

It’s a company who have already established themselves in the energy gel market for athletes, but now they have a brand-new product that is easy to consume, suitable for vegans and contains no caffeine but is packed with carbohydrates, electrolytes and b-vitamins, which have been specially formulated with you in mind. 

REVIBE gels “give back what the body has lost through dancing, helping you remain fully fuelled and hydrated and allowing you to go harder, for longer… by helping to replenish muscle glycogen stores and give you the real energy you need to keep going.” What’s more, eating these gels won’t lead to a crash once the party is over.  

Pretty good, huh? For more information head over to their website here. 

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