A decade of techno, at the Paris Rex Club's Automatik.

Words by: Guy Hornsby
Posted: 8/1/08 12:40

A decade is a long time in dance music. In 1998, hair was longer, the pills were better, and Circo Loco was a twinkle in the eye. Trance was king, and there were still less than ten genres in your average record store. It's a long time to run a night by anyone's standards, and there are still few that can claim to teach the milestone, and one is the Rex Club's Automatik.

Paris' famous venue has played host to hundreds of the world's and its country's finest DJs since its birth in 1988, when Laurent Garnier and his manager Christian Paulet put on the first techno night there.

Garnier was one of its founding residents, and D'Julz (a resident there for ten years and counting) counted amongst its early mainstays. Shonky, part of the Freak 'n' Chic crew that is spearheading Paris' modern assault on house music puts its place simply "it's perfect… for French people, you have to play there".  
Next month Automatik celebrates ten years in existence, and, not content with having simply one night, or even one weekend of celebrations, December 28th to the 25th January will mark close to a whole month of parties. Over six Fridays, it'll be reeling in some of techno's most revered names to take to the decks. Any excuse for a party? In this case, it's justified.

Automatik's monster shindig begins on the 28th with a celebration of live music and DJing, from Novamute's Motor, and Definition Records' Murphy. In its 29-day stint it'll see Detroit legends Robert Hood and Jeff Mills grace the booth, as well as UK stalwart Dave Clarke, as well as an avalanche of homegrown talent. In a sea of new clubs, nights and DJs, this is a night at a Paris institution that puts many in the shade. Let the party commence…


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