`Bionik´ Bunny Eulberg emerges on Cocoon with mixed results.

Words by: Smac
Posted: 4/1/08 12:50

After the blissful whimsy of last Spring's Hermische Gefilde, Germany's answer to Rolf Harris turns away from the fields and fauna for his first long player release on Cocoon.

Just to confuse everyone, it's called Bionik, though without containing the actual previously released track by that name on the same label. There is an original version of Bionik here, masquerading as 'Lotuseffekt' for trainspotting nerds out there, but in the main this is a freshly produced album of new material, which sees Eulberg moving gently on from the exploration of natural and animal sounds of his previous 2 CDs, to produce a less gimmicky and more industrial sounding album in general.

There are still moments of subtle beauty and clarity; in Libellenwellen drops of crystalline sounds trickle and fall into a shimmering pool of echoes, and CD opener Den Traum Von Fliegen takes over 3 minutes to wander through an eerie marsh of swirling mist before finding it's tentative and faltering bassline.

I f only the rest of the tracks had retained some more of these snippets of genius then maybe they would stand out more. It was always going to be hard for Eulberg to deliver a dance floor package, novelty factor aside the music has to stand alone, and whereas previous releases have included tried and tested formulaic pieces, Cocoon have taken a more 'suck it and see' approach to Bionik.

There are some gems of the standard that we've come to expect from the maestro of minimal, and a series of single releases and remixes are sure to follow, with the reserved tribalism of 'Freche Fruchte' and the frantic timpani drum fest of 'Autopfuten' being the first that spring to mind, but I'm afraid the brash ear-rape of 'Rückenschwimmzipper' and the bland meandering of 'Bienenstisch' amongst others do let down the release as a whole. The problem with being genius sometimes, is that good, occasionally just isn't enough. Interestingly the latter has been left off the vinyl release along with 3 other tracks so perhaps Snr Eulberg felt the same.


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