Do not press Delete - scintillating new techno talent

Words by: Cila Warncke
Posted: 1/2/08 0:20

When Dubfire dropped the name Sergio Muñoz in the same breath as Gaiser the Voice took note. But when we heard the explosive Palo De Agua from his forthcoming Friends, Trends & Blends EP we literally couldn't sit still. The South American revolution shows no signs of abating, and this baby-faced Venezuelan is going to be a talent to contend with in 2008.

Just 20 years old, Muñoz - aka Delete - caused ripples with his On The Rocks EP on UrbanTorque and last year's Anecdotes Of A Day In The Woods EP for Safari Electronique. But this spring he's doing a full-on cannonball into the deep end with a string of productions beginning with his return to Safari Electronique to release this accomplished four-tracker.

Apparently no one in Venezuela got the memo saying "minimal is over" - thankfully. Because in the hands of Delete and fellow Caracas boy Biffa lies proof there's life in the old dog yet. Skip straight to B1-side Palo De Agua and experience a pure rush of dancefloor pleasure. It's stupid-simple, built around a single reverb-ridden percussive motif, but it feels immense. The sounds rattle and echo like your brain in your skull after a four day bender. When it hits the clubs it will be huge.

A1-side Antibiotico (a collaboration with Chilean producer Francisco Allendes) showcases the darker side of barebones techno. Sharp as teeth and as brittle as good butter pastry, it snarls and swoops borne on an undercurrent of menace. Freaky, late night business. Relieving the tension slightly is What Are You Looking At which leavens right-angle beats with handclaps and some funky, twisted up basslines, while the final cut At You takes the opposite tack with seriously stripped back vibes. If Muñoz can keep up this pace the next year or two promise to be very, very interesting. While the European branch of the techno community gets increasingly into the deep/acid house vibes it's good to have a handful of producers staying true to the hard, clean sounds of barebones techno.

Like they say, variety is the spice of life. And that goes double for dance music...


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