M_nus 10 years b-day: Just when you thought it couldn't get any more minimal.

Words by: Smac
Posted: 1/2/08 0:20

You really can't fault the dedication to the cause. This year M_nus, the label so minimal it doesn't even have a middle letter, reaches it's 10th birthday.

But there'll be no commercial gimmicks, no loosely-packaged heavily-promoted special edition compilations to 'celebrate' the label, designed mainly to drain the purses of its fans. Oh no. None of that. Cracking open the champagne? A celebratory cake for the office? Fittingly in-keeping with label boss Hawtin's commitment to the campaign, there'll be no frivolity of that kind. No. This year of minimal magnitude will be marked with a "10-week stint of silence".

Genius. Some might call it a prolonged team holiday. Or even a well deserved rest. Since the early days of 1990, when John Aquaviva and Hawtin first pulled the Plus 8 label out of their respective pockets, the Plastikman has barely stopped for pause.

From Detroit, to Berlin, via New York and Toronto, his career has one of the most prolific and influential in the world of electronic music and the last couple of years have been even more meteoric.

M_nus now finds itself with offices on both sides of the Atlantic, an incredibly well respected and profitable roster of artists and producers, and a never-ending tour of residencies around the world. But no, this isn't just any old winter hiatus.

10 Weeks of Silence means just that. The back patting can start in late March. Until then there will be no releases, no performances and no live gigs from any M_nus artists. Nothing. It's hard to find anything else to say upon the matter. Truly and utterly minimal...



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