The Last Supper: Azuli closes weekends at The Cross.

Words by: Smac
Posted: 3/12/07 11:47

As a child the more everyone talked about Christmas the further away it seemed to get. The date itself was never under question, but for some reason it always appeared to be such a long way away, until suddenly one morning up you woke and there it was, Aunty Maud with a tin of Quality Street at the end of your bed waiting for a sloppy wet kiss.

Kings Cross Goods Yard and all the clubs enclosed there, including The Cross, are closing at the end of the year…you can't fail to know that. But for some reason, amongst the assorted farewells and special events, nothing is quite as final as this. 29th December. The Last Saturday. Suddenly, as real as the nut in the centre of a hazelnut whirl, there's no denying it. The Cross has been such a major part of Saturday nights in the capital that it's hard to imagine it not being there anymore. Clubland will go on of course, Azuli and the other successful nights will transfer to other Riley related venues no doubt and by next year there'll be countless other spots to fill up the club section in Time Out, but there'll never be another The Cross.From Type and Serious, to Renaissance and Secret Sundaze, Space, Azuli, Fiction, Music Xpress and Vertigo, over 14 years of clubbing history have taken place between these four walls, not forgetting the garden of course too. As they say themselves, 'Who Needs Ibiza When You Have The Cross ?'

Well you won't have it any more, and Saturday 29th December, right smack in the middle of Christmas and New Year, before your pud even has chance to settle David Piccioni and his Azuli crew will wave off the year and the venue with a knees up to rival New Year. Label favourites Kamisshake and Ricky Montinari will be pulling crackers in the main room joined by Santa's little helpers, Audiofly, who between the 2 of them have got just enough Italian blood to be included on the line up. Label man Sean Brosnan has roped in hot remixer/producer Jimpster to decorate his tree in the second arch, and to give this building the send off it deserves, David Piccioni, Danny Rampling and Tony English will dedicate a specially erected Marquee to 15 years of classic house music of The Cross. Who better?So 4 rooms and 8 hours to dance off your turkey and stuff it to the Kings Cross Regeneration Committee. Cross it off your wish list to Santa and get yourself down there.



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