It's not just about Mathew Jonson. Tenax imports more Canadians...

Words by: Smac
Posted: 29/1/08 10:16

Renowned for being a leader in the electronic world's tastes and fashions, Firenze's palacio of rave Tenax this month looks slightly further afield for it's aural pleasures. It may be that when you think of Canada only maple leaves, lumberjacks and Avril Lavine spring to mind. But if you think a little carefully, only the most obtuse would fail to pull out Mathew Jonson and maybe M_nus as well.

You'd get extra points if you could conjure up the name of Mike Shannon and Cynosure, although he has been bubbling along for a while now, with regular nights at Watergate, Berlin and a steady stream of leftfield audio adventures. And if you could then add Musique Risquee to that little Canadian collection, well I'd give you a badge. Obviously Tenax have always been ahead of the pack, and on February 2nd will pull together both labels as Mike Shannon is joined by Risquee's Vincent Lemieux in a North American special. They're also bringing along their buddy Bruno Pronsato for a live set, based around his recent album, 'Why Can't We…' so it's a full French-Canadian house all round. With a distinctive funk-led sound coming out through all their productions, there's something really very vibrant about the Montreal based collective and collaborators right now.

Translation issues besides, this lot could give Jonson a run for his money, and it 's entirely possible that he won't be Canada's most famous electronic export for much longer. Commit these names to memory; you'll be seeing a lot more of them on this side of the pond in the future.


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