Tigerskin's Holy Grail... the quest ends here.

Words by: Cila Warncke
Posted: 17/3/08 11:33

It is a source of wonder to me that Moodmusic isn't referenced alongside labels like Get Physical, Mobilee or Cadenza. If anything, the imprint - run by Finnish expat Sasse - is more consistent than most of its better known techno brethren. The critical difference, I suppose, is the relatively unassuming nature of its protagonists. Which I suspect is the way the prefer it. In any case, it leaves Sasse and co. free to get on with the business of releasing subtly brilliant records like The Holy Grail EP. The all-analogue handiwork of Alex Kruger, aka Tigerskin, it conjures up a vibe you don't often catch in the right-angle world of Berlin music.

For want of a better word it's soft. Not mushy-soft; more ironic, Vaseline-on-the-camera lens 70s blue movies fuzzy around the edges. Make no mistake, it's a properly danceable tune, but you can easily imagine the men dancing to it are wearing knowingly flared trousers and their impossibly hot girlfriends sport flicked hair and silky underwear as outerwear. It's ambitious, uninhibited disco-riddled tech house that's sexy with just the right touch of camp.

For an even more louche vibe you have the Vintage Dub mix, which picks up the pace to make this a more straight-ahead dance track, but doesn't loose its agreeable quirkiness. The final element of the package is Rust, which is here to show that even conventional minimal sounds like a million Euros in the right hands.

Much crisper and more obvious than the A-side, it is a smoothly executed main-room techno tune. Nothing earth-shattering, but the robust production means it punches above its weight. Two must-have records for music fans who like a little nudge-and-a-wink with their kicks and claps.


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