Ibiza Worker Guide 2009 : Getting the perfect summer job.

Words by: I-Voice
Posted: 15/5/09 13:24

Finding work in Ibiza is a bit like the quest for the Holy Grail (Monty Python version).

You may encounter killer rabbits, flying cows and damsels in distress. What you won't find is decent employment -- not unless you're smart, savvy, hard-working and flexible enough to deal with the inevitable surprises. There's no fool-proof, 10-point guide to getting the perfect job, but Ibiza Voice has worked hard to put together the next best thing: the down-low, need-to-know facts about 10 popular jobs as told by the experts -- the people who've done them.  So read up,
                              make a plan, get involved in the forums (Here) and look forward to the best summer of your life!

Scott, a graphic designer, spent three summers working PR in the challenging environs of San An. Despite that he still has a deep love for the island and is in the process of setting up a web portal for Ibiza workers

Public Relation
Job: Talking to punters and handing out flyers for your bar or club on the beaches and promenades of San An, Playa d'en Bossa and Ibiza Town.

  1. Recruitment? Between end May-1st week of June. Hundreds of people compete for jobs. Expect a short trial period, but not more than a couple of days. If someone says you have to work without pay for a week or more look elsewhere.
  2. Three essential traits? Confidence, chattiness, good looks.
  3. Hours? Eight to 10 hours a day, four to six days a week.
  4. Pay? €160-300 a week, more if you're selling tickets to boat parties, etc.
  5. Perks? Club passes, drinks in your bar.
  6. Bad bits? You constantly feel like you're missing out because you have to work all the time.
  7. Do: Lie if you have to - telling recruiters you already have experience will help you get the job.
  8. Don't: Not turn up. Turn up fucked. Cane it too hard (60% of people don't survive the first three weeks). Talk to your mates or other PRs while on the job.
  9. If you only do one thing. Opening and closing parties!
  10. My best moment… Walking onto Space Terrace at the opening party knowing it was only the start and I had another five months to go.

Grego spent several seasons working in Ibiza as a barman and photographer, and now lives permanently on the island with his wife and two young children. He provides advice, translation services and support for workers and people moving to Ibiza.

Job: Working in one of Ibiza's many bars!

  1. Recruitment? For "upmarket" bars like Mambo, etc a written application followed by group exercise and interview; you'll be competing with up to 150 people. For West End/Playa d'en Bossa bars look for help wanted signs and apply in person.
  2. Three essential traits? Outgoing personality. Confidence. Enthusiasm.
  3. Hours? Bars that are open all day - eight hour day or night shifts. Night-time only bars - one shift from 8-10PM till 4-6AM.
  4. Pay? About €350 per week.
  5. Perks? West End/PDB bars are fairly relaxed places to work, you can have a drink and there is a great sense of community. If you work at Mambo's etc you may get club passes or end-of-season bonuses.
  6. Bad bits? You often work every day which limits your opportunities to go out, or even sleep. Managers who pay you the cheapest wage, not pay
  7. Do: Be nosy. That's how you stumble across the best jobs. A lot of employers will look for the people who'll come up and pester them. Remember, if you're conscientious you could be a manager or supervisor by the end of the season.
  8. Don't: Don't expect it to be easy. Don't go crazy and blow your summer money in the first three weeks.
  9. If you only do one thing. Embrace the workers' community. If you're stuck for accommodation or a job they'll help you out.
  10. My best moment… You meet the best friends of your life - I'm married to one of them and have two kids with her!

After completing a psychology degree Alex decided to swap the consulting couch for sun loungers and moved to Ibiza with €100 in her pocket and an eye for adventure. She made ends meet as a waitress, during the summer and is enjoying a well-deserved break before the madness of the coming season.

Job: Serving food and drinks in bars, cafés or restaurants.

  1. Recruitment? Most places don't advertise, just walk in and ask if they're looking for any help.  
  2. Three essential traits? Be able to smile no matter what. Be able to balance a lot of plates. Organisation.
  3. Hours? Up to 10 hours a day, six days per week.
  4. Pay? About €5.50 per hour.
  5. Perks? A free meal on the job, a chance to meet lots of people.
  6. Bad bits? Being on your feet all day. Dealing with impatient, noisy, demanding customers.
  7. Do: Be efficient. Be well-groomed and neat. Be nice to the boss!
  8. Don't: Skive. Steal. Be rude to customers.
  9. If you only do one thing. Use your day off to find some peace and quiet - Santa Gertrudis is my favourite chill-out spot.
  10. My best moment… Meeting nice clients who I wound up becoming good friends with.

Kate spent a hectic summer in Ibiza working as a driver, podcaster, record plugger and sometime-promoter. On her return home to London she used her experiences and contacts to set up artist booking and management agency KDot

Job: Picking up DJs from airport, hotel or club and making sure they get to the airport, hotel or club. Ensuring they make their flights and gigs.

  1. Recruitment? Word of mouth. Trust is essential so clubs and promoters choose people they know.
  2. Three essential traits? Having a car, reliability and being able to get up at 7AM when you went to bed at 5AM.
  3. Hours? Three or four days a week, 10 or more hours a night. You work through the night and don't finish till the club does.
  4. Pay? Per-trip. From €20 per airport run early in the season to €30 during peak season. Up to four-five runs a day but sometimes much less.
  5. Perks? Getting to spend one-on-one time with the biggest and best names in the business.
  6. Bad bits? Delayed flights. Getting up at 7AM to get DJs to their 9.30 flights.
  7. Do: Always be on time. Know the DJ's mobile number, hotel room number and schedule. Always be there for them.
  8. Don't: Drink! Don't be late. Miss a flight. Forget to pick somebody up.
  9. If you only do one thing. Have a smile on your face and make DJs feel welcome… they're on the road all summer and you'll build a rapport if you welcome them.
  10. My best moment…  I picked up Simon Webbe from Blue and when we arrived at his friend's hotel he invited me in to hang out. We're still friends now - we go raving together.

Becky has been dancing with, and running, professional troupes for six years. Last season was her first in Ibiza, working for Judgement Sundays, Miss Moneypenny's, Es Paradise and Metropolis among others.
She's currently counting down the days till her return for round two.

Job: Dancing at clubs and promoting them by appearing in parades.

  1. Recruitment? Arrive mid-May and check The Ship in San An, internet cafés and local workers' haunts for audition notices. You'll be competing with other dancers at open auditions in bars or clubs.
  2. Three essential traits? Good looks. Good figure Versatility as a dancer.
  3. Hours? Varies by club. A parade may last two to four hours, followed by a four-six hour shift in the club. Most dancers work five or six days per week.
  4. Pay? €50 for a club shift, typically. €70 if you do both club and parade.
  5. Perks? Free club entry, a bar tab and free water while dancing, getting invited to the best parties. 
  6. Bad bits? Exhaustion. Creepy punters hanging out by the podium or grabbing you. Some dancers can be cliquey.
  7. Do: Look after yourself. Dancing is hard physical work so eat well and pace your partying.
  8. Don't: Go down in a blaze of glory. "A lot of people had to go home because they were scared of what they were doing to themselves," Becky reports.
  9. If you only do one thing. Try to get a job at Manumission - it's the ultimate prestige job for an Ibiza dancer.
  10. My best moment…  Cocoon closing party. It was the best night of my life. I never wanted to leave.

Kate spent a hectic summer in Ibiza working as a driver, podcaster, record plugger and sometime-promoter. On her return home to London she used her experiences and contacts to set up artist booking and management agency KDot

Record Plugger
Job: Record pluggers work for promotions companies delivering new music to bars and clubs and collecting reactions from DJs. They also keep a database of contact details for clubs/DJs, send PR mail-outs and compile DJ reactions into reports for the promotion company.

  1. Recruitment? Word of mouth, mostly.
  2. Three essential traits? Music industry experience, confidence, self-sufficiency.
  3. Hours? Vary. For example, two afternoons and two evenings a week delivering records to bars and clubs, or going back to collect reactions. Plus sending email reminders and compiling reports.
  4. Pay? Fixed per record fee. For example, £50 per record plus £1 commission for every DJ reaction.
  5. Perks? Great way to meet people. Free drinks -if you like going out in San An.!
  6. Bad bits? Trying to get reactions can be like banging your head against a brick wall.
  7. Do: Be persuasive. Remember, you're giving the DJs free records.
  8. Don't: Let things slide. Don't be afraid to push for a reaction.
  9. If you only do one thing.  Break a record! If you sell a record right and get it played everywhere you could help make a top 10 hit.
  10. My best moment… Hearing a track I'd plugged played on Space Terrace at the opening party. I was jumping up and down shouting, "that's my record!"


Ruth moved to Ibiza in 2007 to set up Ibiza Swim, which offers personalised coaching for swimmers of all ages and skill levels. She has also worked as an Ibiza Angel, a fashion model, a presenter and a journalist. www.ibizaswim.com

Ibiza Angel
Job: Ibiza Angels work in the VIP areas of Ibiza's clubs, offering clients a seven-minute chillout massage.

  1. Recruitment? Begins the end of May and runs through the summer. Look for advertisements on websites and across the island. You'll have to attend a casting, and do a catwalk turn.
  2. Three essential traits? Confidence, beauty, kindness.
  3. Hours? Fourhour shifts (3-7AM) or double shifts, 11-2AM and 3-7AM.
  4. Pay? Tips only. Can be as much as several hundred euros a night or as little as "next to nothing."  
  5. Perks? Access to all the clubs, networking opportunities.
  6. Bad bits? It's a cold-call sales job basically. You can work the whole night and not make any money sometimes.
  7. Do: Have bags of confidence, charm, charisma and a HUGE smile. Good grooming (no bra straps hanging out!)
  8. Don't: Eat, drink, smoke or do drugs while in uniform. Don't go back to client's villas
  9. If you only do one thing. Angels only work in VIP areas so enjoy your all-access pass.
  10. My best moment… Modelling in fashion show at Es Vive and being filmed and interviewed by Fashion TV.

Grego spent several seasons working in Ibiza as a barman and photographer, and now lives permanently on the island with his wife and two young children. He provides advice, translation services and support for workers and people moving to Ibiza.


Club Photographer
The job: Taking photographs of punters in bars/clubs and encouraging them to buy prints from your company.

  1. Recruitment? Informal, based on contacts and being the right place at the right time. You can contact the clubs but most will already have an established team.
  2. Three essential traits? Persistence. Gregariousness. Lack of scruples.
  3. Hours? Two to four hour shifts, or longer, up to seven nights a week.
  4. Pay? €350-450 a week, combining base pay and commission.
  5. Perks? Relaxed working atmosphere, get to know club staff and DJs, free drinks, club passes or guestlist.
  6. Bad bits? The jobs are hard to get. If you're not producing results they'll show you the door.
  7. Do: Talk to everyone, get to know as many people as possible.
  8. Don't: Take the position for granted or forget you're there to work
  9. If you only do one thing. Capture the moment for yourself. I met DJ heroes of mine and could have easily gotten a picture with them but didn't and I really regret that.
  10. My best moment… Standing in the DJ box at Amnesia with the smoke cannon going off, feeling like the whole crowd was looking up at me.

Kate spent a hectic summer in Ibiza working as a driver, podcaster, record plugger and sometime -promoter. On her return home to London she used her experiences and contacts to set up artist booking and management agency KDot


Job: Researching, writing and executing podcasts. Kate worked for We Love… Sundays creating a weekly half-hour podcast that captured the vibe of the event with DJ interviews, vox pops and music.

  1. Recruitment? None. Kate and an editor friend pitched the podcast concept to various clubs before developing it for We Love…
  2. Three essential traits? Stamina. Confidence. Research skills.
  3. Hours? Half a day of research and writing questions. Twelve to fifteen hours at We Love… recording the podcast.
  4. Pay? €100 a show.
  5. Perks? Being a part of We Love…. Getting to stand in the DJ box. Interviewing the best names in the business. Our podcasts making it to the top five on iTunes.
  6. Bad bits? Being tired all the time.
  7. Do: Think on your feet, love it, always have a smile on your face.
  8. Don't:  Let it show if you're tired and grumpy. A bad mood makes for a bad show.
  9. If you only do one thing. Go in the DJ box in the main room and soak it up
  10. My best moment… Drinking tequila in the DJ booth with Felix da Housecat.

Cila moved to Ibiza a year ago armed only with a laptop, phrasebook Spanish and a copy of Don Quixote. She has her finger firmly on the party pulse and lends her journalistic skills to a variety of local and international publications.

Freelance Writer/Editor
Job: Writing and editing for a variety of magazines, websites and newspapers. Ibiza is also home to freelance stylists, hairdressers, photographers, IT consultants and anyone else who has a unique creative talent.

  1. Recruitment? DIY - network, keep your ear out for opportunities and don't be shy about promoting yourself.
  2. Three essential traits? Creativity (both in your chosen field and in pursuing work). Organisation. Self-motivation.
  3. Hours? You're the boss. You can take four days off then spend a week working from 10AM till midnight.
  4. Pay? Varies wildly depending on the type of work and how much you're putting in - anything from €0-500 a week.
  5. Perks? You set your own hours and chose your own work. As a journalist you get free club entry, get to meet DJs, promoters and PRs and get the real scoop on all the island gossip.
  6. Bad bits? Having too much or too little work. Not as social as other jobs. Having to party sober because you're on duty!
  7. Do: Be brilliant at what you do. Go after the jobs you want. Market yourself.
  8. Don't: Take your freedom for granted. Miss deadlines.
  9. If you only do one thing. Take advantage of your access to people and places most ordinary punters don't encounter.
  10. My best moment…  Getting a guided tour of Amnesia from Loco Dice and ending up in the main room DJ booth with Sven.

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