Tiesto "In Search of Sunrise" Privilege Ibiza 2008 - Spectacular spectacular!

Words by: Cila Warncke
Posted: 7/4/08 10:33

Every Ibiza season there are parties that stand out. Parties you just have to be at. Sometimes they're classic promotions that have become as much a part of the island scene as sunloungers and San Miguel. Sometimes they're bright-eyed newcomers bursting with promise. In the countdown to opening Ibiza Voice is catching up with a handful of what we believe are the essential rave-ups of 2008.

This week, we bring you a sneak preview of Tiesto's "In Search of Sunrise" Privilege residency, opens 7th July… 

Tiesto's 12-week residency at Privilege is one of the biggest nights to arrive in Ibiza for summer 2008 - in every sense of the world. The Dutch DJ has been voted best Global DJ, yet again, at the International Dance Music Awards and, as Privilege manager Manuel Lopez puts it: "Ibiza is the centre of clubbing in the world. It's important the world's best DJ is in Ibiza, and Privilege is the only place this show could happen."

It has taken just over two years since Lopez originally proposed the idea to Tiesto's management to get him here. Accordingly anticipation surrounding the night, which kicks off 7th July, is at boiling point.

Whatever your views on trance there is no doubt Tiesto is a Big Deal in a way very few DJs are. What's more, he has gone beyond the "two decks and a mixer" ethos of DJing to create a show that is as staggering as it is potentially ego maniacal. Last year, Privilege hosted two nights of his world tour - an event which is still a talking point in the Ibiza Voice office. Our consensus? We've never seen anything like it in a club.

Another DJ might have been tempted to tone things down for an ordinary residency, but not Tiesto. "I expect to see three trucks of his equipment rolling up the week before opening. It will take 30 people three days work to set everything up," Lopez says. To try and grasp the scale of the production we take a walk through the empty shell of Privilege. Workmen dangling above our heads are layering the retractable roof with blue-green foam, part of the sound-proofing designed to shield the neighbours from the eye-watering output of over 100 Funktion One speakers. At the far end of the main room stands the 14x25m stage, with strips of tape still showing where Tiesto's custom-built booth was last year. "You're not afraid of heights, are you?" Lopez asks scrambling up a succession of narrow steps to a catwalk at the top of the club. "This is where the top of the big screen will be," he says, gesturing to the top of a 20-metre drop. 

Far below lies the ordinary DJ booth where, on Monday nights, part of Tiesto's team of a dozen technicians will be manning half a dozen projectors ("The biggest I've ever seen," according to Lopez) which create a jaw-dropping choreography of images. The sets, Lopez assures us, are not pre-planned in the sense of having a tracklisting - "Tiesto always works with the crowd" - but different tracks have their own sets of effects. Adagio For Strings, for example, incorporates images and, at the crucial, rushing, moment, a burst of pyrotechnics guaranteed to have even the most jaded partier bouncing like a hyperactive gibbon.

Despite the apparently vast margin for error in such a complicated programme Lopez remarks, "not one little thing will go wrong." It's a bold claim to make in Ibiza but apparently the Dutch have superhuman skills. Each technician has two synchronised laptops. Should anything go wrong they simply switch between them without missing a beat. "They're probably the most professional people I've ever worked with in the 18 years I've worked in clubs," says Lopez.

The question remains: isn't this whole "show" against the very ethos of partying? Isn't the point of a rave to create a community - not to elevate some lanky vinyl geek to demi-god status? Lopez chuckles. "That worried me at first. I thought people might just stand there watching, but it wasn't like that. I have genuinely never seen so many people dancing in Privilege. Every single person had their hands in the air. Tiesto understands how to interact." To ensure no one is left out the glass walls of the Coco Loco room will be removed on Mondays (on which, we're assured the man himself will play a minimum of four hours, every week) turning the whole massive area of the club into one bubbling cauldron of trance ecstasy. 

After last summer's bitter split between Privilege and Manumission the club needs a triumphal return - and Lopez oozes confidence that Tiesto is it. "A normal club night is kind of boring, I think people want this. And with Tiesto's PR machine behind it we'll have people coming from all over the world. I'm convinced it's going to be one of the best events of the season."

Of course, it's his job say that but you can't help but be impressed by the scale of Privilege's ambitions. Half-full, the club can be a downbeat experience but packed to the rafters it promises to be a spectacular spectacular.

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