Ibiza Opening Weekend - What NOT to do.

Words by: Smac
Posted: 6/5/08 9:52

So it's almost here. What started off 10 years ago as a chance for the workers to warm up before the tourists arrived has mutated into the most glorious four day, multi-venue festival Europe has to offer. A pretty much continuous stream of parties from Friday till Tuesday weekend (with or without government approval) with an expected 30,000 strong turnout, it is a rave up to test the strongest of wills and constitutions.

Opening parties can get the better of even the most hardened clubber, so being prepared is the only sure-fire way to come out the other side alive and with at least some of your faculties intact. There are rules to follow and mighty old pitfalls to avoid…here's some of our favourites. 

1. Don't peak too early.
Shouldn't need saying, but for every smiling, happy person on the terrace there's a miserable puking one in a sweaty hotel room nearby. Passing out face down in the sand at Bora Bora on Sunday afternoon and missing DC10 does not constitute a successful trip. And you'll have third-degree burns on the back of your neck when you wake up.

2. Don't forget your bikini and shades.
Every night out can end with a swim in the sea if you do a bit of planning, that's the whole beauty of the island. Straight out of Pacha, down to the beach, pop out of Space for an hour for a quick dip - you can't do that in Maidstone.

3. Don't get busted.
450 people did last year. While we couldn't possibly condone the smuggling of narcotics into the island's most respectable disco venues, we do recommend you bear in mind that certain door systems are stricter than others, certain clubs will have the police outside and all of them have their quota to fill. Space entrance on Opening weekend makes Dubai customs look like Madame JoJos. Be warned.

4. Don't forget to eat.
Ibiza has some of the best chefs and restaurants in the world dotted around the island. You might not feel that hungry over the weekend but everyone's got to eat sometime. Please don't end up in Burger King. It's not becoming.

5. Don't miss the bars.
I know the clubs are what everyone comes for, but once you've been fleeced a couple of times for a 20€ vodka, you'll have a yearning for a decently priced cocktail. And there's no better place to find out about that secret villa party than perched on a stool up a back street in the old port.

6. Don't get stranded.
Speaking of villa parties, the good old 'back to mine' mentality is great back home, when there's a Black Cab or a Metro stop just round the corner. But finding yourself stuck in the middle of a mountain with 15 random Italians, a girl you met in the club 11 hours ago and no Rizla is not the ideal end to your trip. Taxis won't go up most dirt tracks, and spending three hours wandering through the hills in 40 degree heat after a night out raving is not pleasant. Believe us. We've been there.

7. Don't miss your flight.
Actually, forget this one. Do miss your flight. What on earth have you got to go back for? Life can be like this all the time! Stay! Stay forever!

8. Don't waste any time!
This is a 24-hour island, no matter what the police say, and there's always something to do. Sleep at the beach or by the pool, take a boat out for the day with a group of friends, catch sunset at Benirras and Kumharas, watch the sunrise at Privilege. It's just one weekend so squash in as much as you possibly can.

9. Don't go to work the next day.
Make sure you've planned at least a full day to recover when you go back. That 8am flight and straight into the office might have seemed like a good idea but forget it. You won't make it. You're going to need a chance to get over your disco flu. Be nice to yourself and take a couple of days off.

10. Don't go.
Darling… let's be honest. Openings are sooooo 2005.
Every serious island pro knows that the best weekend of summer is the week after the openings. No queues, plenty of taxis, dancefloor space for everyone…
it's the island's best kept secret… just don't tell anyone.

Ibiza Openings  May 16 - June 30 - Calendar Here


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