What changes in Ibiza this year for you? We asked some key players

Words by: Gregorio
Posted: 5/8/08 20:12

Worldwide economic crisis and a new legislative landscape is the context in which the Ibiza 2008 season finds itself. We canvassed opinions on the subject from various sources by posing the same two questions: 
1 - What has changed for you this year and how is it going?
2 - As of now, what is your opinion on the new law controlling club opening hours and banning afterhours?


Danny Whittle, Brand/Content Director, Pacha
1 -
The main change is Pete [Tong] leaving on Friday and Pure Pacha having multiple residents rather than just one. We have Basement Jaxx back on the island after 3 years, Faithless also and the Swedes who are like a breath of fresh air to dance music. We are really focusing on providing good content this year.

2 - I think the law is misguided. If people want to go to Space during the day, why not? Better that, knowing where and when it is taking place, than driving it underground. Prohibition never works, never.

Juan Tur, Owner, Delta Discos Record Shops (Ibiza Town)
1 -
There are less people for sure. I get the impression that people also think the clubs are either closed or not good any more. For tourists it also seems a lottery as to the type of service that they will receive.
2 - I don´t agree with it all. This government only prohibits and bans things. They are destroying the nightlife culture of Ibiza.

Marcelo Gabriel Mamone, Owner, Coco´s and Zanzibar (Playa D´en Bossa)
1 - We have been affected badly by the new laws. Now we have only a few hours each day to make money, we have to close [Zanzibar, the bar closest to Space] at 3am, just when it is busiest. It's inconceivable to have a situation where we have tourists who arrive in the morning and want something to eat and drink and we're not allowed to give it to them. Overall, we're probably around 50% down on last year
2 - The laws are somewhat arbitrary I feel, without any sort of consensus of opinion or advice upon how businesses will be affected. Before we could open more or less when Space was open, like many bars in Playa D´en Bossa. The area is like a ghost town during the day, so I´m not exactly sure who the afterhours are meant to have been disturbing.

Juan Rodríguez, Local Policeman, Sant Josep Municipality
1 - The island is quieter no doubt. I think it is partly that there are less people and my role has changed slightly so things seem a lot quieter
2 - In my opinion the law is good as during the day there are less drunks on the streets, less fighting, less car accidents relating to drink or drugs. During the day it is a lot calmer and quieter than before.

Ibiza Voice: Has there been an increase in the amount of private parties in houses or villas or on beaches?
Juan Rodriguez: I don´t think so really, well actually there are more but its not been a problem as they [La Guardia Civil] are doing a good job controlling that side of things.

La Guardia Civil refused to answer our questions...

Rossano Lucidi, Promoter, Made In Italy
1 - We have moved from Friday to Wednesday at Amnesia. It is different now with the foam party in the main room but the new Amnesia terrace is amazing, the soundsytem is great and we have a more international line up of guest DJs.
2 - I think Ibiza is famous for its party culture and liberty and freedom, the afterhours being a part of this. I think for sure, it will reduce the number of visitors to the island.

Kevin Marshall, Manager, Rock Bar, Ibiza Town
1 - The port area is very quiet this year, things have been very slow. Partly it is just that there are less people around but the strict 6am closing time for the clubs has impacted on us a lot. Now customers are leaving the port earlier to go the clubs earlier or even just not coming for a drink here at all.
2 - The law has affected us, for example, in a way that people probably hadn't thought through. In general, especially regarding the afterhours, I think it will only mean less tourists coming to Ibiza.

Ben Turner, Editor, Pacha Magazine
1 - It interests and excites me to see how dance music evolves and changes. This year there are things like the Amnesia terrace and the Tiesto shows, which are rock ´n´ roll type events organized on a huge scale. Of course, some things will work and others not but it is exciting to see things evolve.
2 - I think it is a shame that people are being told how to behave, especially as part of Ibiza's magic is the freedom people would feel when they arrive here. However, I do believe there is a level of responsibility and respect needed also as I've seen what it can be like in the morning as people come back from clubs when children are going to school.

Mauro Picotto, DJ and Promoter, Meganite
1 - We've got 2 extra nights added to the Meganite calendar and we'll have a concert to celebrate our 5th birthday with Subsonica band on the 6th August. We're pleased with how it's going. Every year the party gets better and we learn from one season to the next.
2 - The opening time doesn't cause any problem to us but obviously it would be nice to play longer in the morning but if the rules are for everyone then we have to follow them.


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