10 years CD compilation - Circo Loco celebrates a decade of music.

Words by: Guy Hornsby
Posted: 1/8/08 9:10

Irony may be a term usually associated with Sunday paper editorial, smug late night comedy, or Alanis Morrisette records, but it's not often a bedfellow of the dance music world. But the twist of fate that sees Ibiza mainstay and underground epicentre Circo Loco release its ten-year anniversary collection at a time when the club itself is closed at the behest of the oppressive government on the island is not lost on clubbers and industry alike.  

It's been a rocky ride for the unassuming two-room venue by the airport that Andrea and Antonio first opened way back in 1998. From its early beginnings as a raw Monday morning after party, with big-name DJs begging to play its hallowed terrace, to its (sadly) more homogenised form, as it's come into line with the slowly tightening grip of local laws and closures, it's still one of the purest clubbing experiences on the planet, boasting a stellar list of residents that have become superstars from their association with the club. 

With a grand decade to laud, it's a mighty six-CD set that has been employed to capture the essence of the weekly Monday madness that is Circo Loco.  

Across the three double-cd releases are residents old and new, from original Tania Vulcano to new kids on the block Arpiar, and it's Vulcano that opens proceedings on 'Part 1'. We find her in summery mood.

An ethereal opening, like the sun rising over the terrace (a sight now consigned to half-erased memory sadly) with Closer Musik's One Two Three, leads into a mix of understated grooves, a mile away from 2006's angular minimal. Mountain People's 5.2 and a dip into her classic vinyl pot for DJ Sneak's Latin Seoul ensures that as an opener, for a self-confessed hater of mix CDs, it's accomplished and a perfect lead-in to the rest of the collection. 

Sossa, the Italian resident, lays down some tighter, more lowdown beats. The theme is slow-burning, unrelenting house music, typified by the glorious Togo from fellow residents System of Survival. Only Sossa's own tracks, the standout Persival a case in point, offer anything close to the shuffling, staccato styles of seasons gone by. It's a pleasant contrast to Vulcano's opener, and a gentle shift, a representation of the move from mid-afternoon to evening, or from terrace to inside.  

Apiar, the Romanian trio of Raresh, Rhadoo and Petre Inspirescu, though only recently anointed into the close circle of residents, are granted not one, but two CDs (which some have decried in favour of another more long standing cohort, such as Cirillo or Jose de Divina).  What is not up for such discussion is their current near-deification amongst press, punters and peers.

Their blend of house and techno from today and yesteryear, is perfectly in tune with Circo Loco's move back to less sparseness and more warmth in recent summers. And both are an eclectic selection, from the popping S'Lupu from Herodot, to the old school bumps of Simitli's Gee Baby. Of all the mixes, this two-hander is probably the most club-focussed. The music begs to be turned up loud to get the full effect, where others feel more at home in-car or headphones. While they might divide opinion, or garner hype by the bucketload, Apriar are part of the long chain from year one to year ten.  

Liepzig's Matthias Tanzmann, an increasing feature of the terrace in recent times, wades in with the Luna City Express' almost disco Seven, but is quickly into his stride - up-tempo house music, darting left and right from the electronic to the sensual - including Johnny D's Orbitalife, which will as much as any be the track of the terrace this summer, when it finally rids itself of the police tape. Variety is the order of the day, with the soaring Watamu Beach from Sebbo contrasted against the off-key synths of Dot's Kinda Strange. Undoubtedly the most lively of the six discs on show.  

Thomas Melchior rounds off the series fittingly, with a journey into the dark confines of the club's inside. At times a den of iniquity, his mix is all sinister swathes of music, dark pads and punched, insistent percussion. Like stepping into the club on a Monday, squinting from the light, assaulted by deep and twisted sounds, Ion Ludwig's soundscapes capture the mood perfectly.  

So, how does the mammoth series stack up? With over seven hours of music, listened to back to back, it's the equivalent of spending a good afternoon and evening in DC10. Maybe that's the concept. There's bound to be, with such an in-depth assessment of the club's musical heritage, complaints and criticisms from some quarters. Not enough classics, perhaps, a nod to the last few years and not maybe the last ten (though last year'sCDs would be a recommendation to those wanting a more historic collection) and maybe more of a showing from long-time residents (Cirillo, Dan Ghenacia, De Divina maybe) but present times reflect present music, and the quality of those on duty can't really be faulted.  

What you end up with is six discs that give not so much a retrospective, but a cross-section of what Circo Loco is really about, cutting into the very veins and sapping the lifeblood of that infamous corner of Ibiza. They begged to be treated as such, and in years to come, when the club is a scratchy memory (not for a long time, one would hope) they'll form a lasting imprint of just what an inspirational, incredible and downright despicable place it was. For now, turn on, turn up, and make it Monday every day.

Circo Loco 10 years Anniversary part 1 to 3
Mixed by: Tania Vulcano, Sossa, ARPIAR, Matthias Tanzmann, Thomas Melchior
Moon Harbour (CD Album & Digital) RELEASE DATE IS:  August '08 (UK) Sept 08 (ROW)

cd1 mixed by tania vulcano 

1) closer musik - one two three (no gravity)
2) tania vulcano & tatto - wayna
3) freaks - look behind you
4) mountain people djs - 5.2
5) monne automne - too late
6) freaks - dance & disorder (from the wax - without acid mix)
7) daze maxim - woodbird
8) dj sneak - latin seoul
9) dj rasoul - untitled deepness
10) tattoo - yonocomprepan
11) tomas estaben - ñoquis con pollo
12) tatto - neeito
13) miss fitz - moongina

cd2 mixed by sossa 

1) anthony collins - reeves
2) yonurican - kokotaso (instrumental mix)
3) 2-travelers - the organ track
4) sossa - vignola
5) system of survival - togo
6) matthias tanzmann - still like it like that
7) sossa - persival
8) boola - predator
9) mountain people djs - 5.1
10) sossa - regalia
11) d.diggler - fractals
12) michal ho (feat. signor andreoni) - gisele

cd1 mixed by arpiar 

1) cezar - susur
2) petre inspirescu - laruss
3) praslea - jurnal de bord
4) atbash - vrabos
5) jens zimmermann - on drumzzz
6) mica publicitate - creante
7) brothers' vibe - feelin' house (raw mix)
8) petre inspirescu - trombonist
9) mara trax - strange moods
10) herodot - s'lupu
11) pedric - pedric 1
12) robert dietz - suite 900
13) simitli - gee baby (ain't i good to you)
14) petre inspirescu - tremut

cd2 mixed by arpiar 

1) matthias tanzmann - hotel sapporo (petre inspirescu remix)
2) two armadillos - hamlin (sascha dive's secret dub)
3) guillaume & the coutu dumont - flying dutchman
4) seth n shaun - still hot
5) hermannstadt collective - connected (original mix)
6) rhadoo - denouri
7) markus fix - call
8) minimono - sweet murmur
9) petre inspirescu - fiare
10) cabanne - keep going
11) brother's vibe - spherical bones
12) petre inspirescu - slabisimo
13) atbash - la masa
14) luna city express - suki zuki

cd1 mixed by matthias tanzmann 

1) patrick chardronnet - percussiontrack
2) luna city express - seven
3) efdemin - lohn & brot (tobias. remix)
4) kabale und liebe & daniel sanchez - mumbling yeah (unreleased marco carola remix)
5) losoul - open door
6) johnny d - orbitalife
7) matthias tanzmann - crazy circus
8) ds - orangefood (jens zimmermann's additional vitamin c)
9) g-man - quo vardis
10) reboot - clear motion
11) sebbo - watamu beach
12) dot - kinda strange
13) guido schneider & andré galluzzi - baccara
14) glimpse - for fleur (johnny d remix)

cd2 mixed by thomas Melchior 

1) funzion vs gurtz - shiva
2) kate simko - she said
3) ion ludwig - q of munich
4) vera & frederico molinari - it ain't music
5) napi headz - raga parmananda (minx's queen beats)
6) melchior productions ltd - out there
7) boris werner & lauhaus - revenge of the nerds
8) alexander east - hope you see
9) rozzo - i wish i was a black cat
10) pheek - blue blue so electric blue
11) bart skils & anton pieete - one 2 one
12) tom demac & ducket - critical distance
13) andomat 3000 - bnd2
14) brothers' vibe - quero para me gente (raw skins mix)
15) lusine - excess
16) leonel castillo - y el viento blanco



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