Think you know how good Cocoon is, think again...!

Words by: Gregorio
Posted: 15/8/08 18:22

"How many more superlatives can be used to exalt Cocoon's Monday night at Amnesia? For a few seasons now, it has been 'the' fiesta on the island; the worker's favourite with the coolest grooves and the most notorious afterhours to boot."
Yet, in 2008, the Cocoon as we knew it has changed and guess what……it's so much better! Here's why. 

Firstly, the closure of dc10 has concentrated all those who normally went to Circo Loco before Cocoon into just the one party at Amnesia. The result is an even busier, more up for it and ready to go fiesta. 

Secondly, the afters are still there and still happening but this year it's old skool…….secret whispers of where and when, lots of hanging around waiting for the signal and then driving aimlessly around the Ibicenco countryside as the sun rises. Fantastic! 

Finally, the terrace!!! Forget what you already know about Cocoon, forget what you've already experienced, because until you've witnessed the new terrace in its full glory, whilst Luciano and Loco Dice go back to back for 8 hours, then you've missed out. The terrace is amazing, there is no other word for it. The soundsystem delivers a megaton bomb every time the base kicks and the space itself is huge, providing an arena like environment for the shindig to take place in. 



In fact, such is the success of the terrace's refurbishment that it is now undoubtedly the main room of Amnesia. It is for Made in Italy and Manumission and whether they admit it or not, it now most certainly is for Cocoon. It seemed to me that Sven's presence in the terrace booth before his set in the 'other room' was as much "I want a piece of this" as his usual role as chief party starter.  

Cocoon have stripped back all décor, there wasn't a single piece in the terrace or main room; people go to party not to look at banners or artwork. The Disco Invader dancers capture the attention of the crowd for a mere moment before Luciano delivers "Baila Sin Petit", by another cocoon favourite Ricardo Villalobos, and the cheers begin again. At times when the base drops, you can hardly hear the music due to the cheers and screams; it's more The Beatles in Shea Stadium than club night in Ibiza. 

If 8 hours of Luciano and Loco Dice going for it and getting on it sounds exciting, then the reality is even better. "Seeing With Shadows" by Dice himself, "Jesus Creates Sound" by Marlon D and Luciano's own remix of Joey Arroyo's "La Tortuga" provide a sample of the terrace sounds. The highlight though made me freeze, I could hardly believe I was hearing it - "The Age of Love" by Age of Love (Watch out for Stella Club mix) - an absolute classic to provide the most memorable of moments from the night.  


All this and I've not even mentioned the fact that with Sven Vath and Richie Hawtin holding court in the main room and guests of the order of Tiefschwarz, Magda, and Minilogue to come this season, the quality of talent in the Cocoon roster is unrelenting. 

Unrelenting; strangely that kind of perfectly describes everything about Cocoon. The smiles, the cheers, the groove, the vibe, the hordes of people both inside and out, the base dropped again and again and, if you're lucky enough to know about it, the after parties (N.B. plural!) 

It would be wrong at this point not to advise on how busy the club gets. The club is packed as early as 1am and in the last few weeks, gaining entry after about 2am has been difficult or not even actually possible. When inside, the only advice is to find your spot, sharpen your elbows and prepare to get to know the people dancing near you more intimately. 

Ultimately though, everything comes back to the atmosphere on the terrace. It is truly electric and leaves a tingle in the system for days. What with the rumour mill in overdrive about Ibiza club closures and prohibitive opening hours, this is one experience that proves that still nobody does it bigger or better than Ibiza. See you on the terrace!!

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