It's reigning Catz N' Dogz out there...

Words by: Dave
Posted: 9/9/08 11:54

Catz N' Dogz may appear to be a relatively new name on the block, but they've actually been around for three years as 3 Channels, a Polish act whose records have been fond additions to the box of all discerning techno DJs. Their distinctive loopy lunacy brought them access to techno's top table with releases on labels such as Trapez and Crosstown Rebels.  

Then, this time last year in fact, they signed an EP to Claude VonStroke's runaway success stable DirtyBird. Notably housier than any of their previous work, they decided to release it under a different name. The Fixed Chicken EP did exceptionally well with lead track Fixation becoming a staple side in sets as disparate as Erol Alkan and Laurent Garnier.  

With their funky new formula the duo decided to write an entire album Stars Of Zoo. There's even talk of them ditching their 3 Channels moniker for good. I don't know about you, but I for one wouldn't quarrel if they did; while 3 Channels music has its place, it was very linear and only destined for the dancefloor. Catz N Dogz music, on the other hand, is a much wider, considerate affair. Of course each track on this remarkable debut album will find its own space on the dancefloor, but there's much more depth and variety that it bodes rather well on home hearing, too. 

Take the album opener Sunset In The East; a deep resonating tribal affair with bass swung low enough to make a dub producer blush, it's a sultry swing that captures the imagination. Horns slide in from nowhere; at points it's like dining in a quaint Parisian restaurant set deep in the jungle. Further on you'll find 'SF' their ode to the US west coast drenched in tripped out noises and a groove so fat it has to have its own clothes tailored.  

Their 3 Channels origins still shine through on the more techno flavoured cuts such as 2, My Zoo Is Your Zoo and Confused - each of which offer the darker side to Catz N Dogz rich beat bounty. Throughout you'll find yourself swinging to the intricate rhythms, there's enough percussion to shift Ibiza two miles to the east in fact with cuts such as Kill The Frog and Omnako offering the drums a solo spotlight. Much of which sounds live and is infectiously funky. Deep, driving and, at points, dangerous, Stars Of Zoo is the type of album you put on without any desire to go out clubbing but by the end you'll be so captivated by the genuine grooves, hooks and flavours you'll be showered, suited and sniffing out the closest shindig in town. House music as it should be - slick, sexy and loaded with variety. No, Catz N Dogz aren't new names, but I think we'll be hearing a lot more of them in the future.

Artist: Catz N Dogz
Title: Stars Of Zoo
Label: Mothership


1 - Intro
2 - Sunset In The East
3 - Omnako
4 - 2
5 - SF
6 - Kill The Frog
7 - Confused
8 - My Zoo Is Your Zoo
9 - Skit nr2
10 - Yes They Still Play Casio
11- Kaniani
12- Sunset In The East


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