More Handbags at La Troya! Baby Marcelo and DJ Oliver out...?

Words by: Stella Macabich
Posted: 3/9/08 18:42

La Troya, the legendary and iconic polysexual party in Ibiza (currently on Wednesdays at Space), is facing another crisis of identity.

At last week's event, Baby Marcelo, the personification of La Troya - the face on all the flyers, adverts, posters, CDs, and whose performances since 1992 have made La Troya what it is today - used his traditional moment on the microphone to direct a tirade of abuse at practically everyone and everything. Beginning by saying "they won't let me talk", a clear indication of a rift with La Troya godfather Brasilio, the heart and soul of La Troya then attacked the politicians about the draconian measures that have silenced club parades and closed clubs early (remember La Troya Asesina would regularly go on until 11 in the morning when at Amnesia).

However, that was just the start as others fell foul of 'La Troya', most notably Pepe Rosello (yes the Space boss!) who was called a 'maricón'. I'll let you check the Spanish dictionary to see the meaning of that one. Needless to say, Baby Marcelo is not going to be part of the performance or the event again. 

DJ Oliver, the resident at La Troya since forever, is also gone. We're still not sure of his motives, but presumably in tandem with Baby Marcelo (they have produced tracks together), Oliver was happy to bring the fiesta to a halt, stopping the music, not mixing and messing with the volume for a short period around the time of the customary performance by 'La Troya'.

All La Troya dates are off his myspace calendar and there are even accusations of robbery from the Space/La Troya office; a whole back catalogue of La Troya compilations has gone missing, with unbelievably DJ Oliver a suspect.

I for one cannot believe someone with so many friends and such a long history on the island would do this, but then again emotions must have been high when these two people who personify La Troya more than anyone were shown the door. Even including La Troya godfather Brasilio, Baby Marcelo and Oliver are the heart and soul of the party, they provide the performance and the music, La Troya without them just isn't La Troya. 

For this week's party, 3rd September, Brasilio has replaced Baby Marcelo on the flyers with a theme that carries a message - "La Troya se multiplica", basically La Troya is no more but long live all sorts of other people representing different La Troyas - everything ranging from La Troya Negra to La Troya Guapa. See the flyer! 

Of course, Brasilio and the La Troya team are no strangers to Ibiza club politics and controversy. Originally an early 90s party in Ku under the name La Vaca Asesina, they crossed the road to Amnesia and became La Troya Asesina.

Then in 2006, there was a very acrimonious exit from Amnesia, destination Space, which sparked claims and counterclaims over who owned the La Troya name with at one point both Amnesia and Space running La Troya parties. Needless to say, the real La Troya crowd followed Brasilio and Baby Marcelo to Space but therein lays the problem.  

Leaving one club and moving the whole team and concept to another venue is fine. It's happened twice and still La Troya is as popular as ever. But losing two of the most important pieces of the jigsaw and in such an acrimonious fashion doesn't bode well for the future of La Troya. Without doubt, Troyanos and Troyanas will stay loyal to Baby Marcelo and Oliver, whether that is by staying away from Space or by following them to a breakaway event.

The obvious prediction is that both outcasts end up at Pacha - it's the only likely venue left that hasn't had them - with their own performance and show and possibly new brand. Whatever the eventual outcome, we can expect the stilettos and the insults to be flying hard and fast in this latest episode of the La Troya soap opera. 

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