Wildlife On One - Ibiza outdoor, daytime raving for underground aficionados.

Words by: Stella Macabich
Posted: 12/9/08 17:59

"If I were to tell you that in Ibiza you can still find quality underground parties, in unique locations, with tickets and bar prices that aren't extortionate and best of all, held during the day - yes outdoor dancing in the sunshine - well then you'd naturally want to know all about it."  

Wildlife on One, on Wednesday 24th September, unites some of the best loved and coolest underground promoters during a day and night festival in the hills of Ibiza at Gala Night, one of the island's most curious venues (mainly because it has become known as an abandoned zoo, even though it never was!).  

Freak 'n' Chic, Wiggle, Let It Play, Superfreq, MulletoverZoo Project and Bes Ibiza unite to bring back some of the love and freedom Ibiza is renowned for, yet has lacked in a testing and somewhat overbearing 2008 season. 

So firmly sticking two fingers up at the political drivel, the party starts from mid afternoon with a pool party in the Zoo Gardens and continues after midnight until 6am in the Zoo Keepers Ballroom with a strong cast of underground supremos ready to help you release your wild side! Cue a never ending stream of animal related jokes.   

Co Promoter Joe Upton gave us a flavour of the concept behind the event. 
"For many years I have been working hard to encapsulate the true spirit and feeling of Ibiza through my events. Over the years this has become increasingly more difficult, why? Well there are many opinions……….the only thing I know is what I see and that's the disappearance of the sheer essence and spirit of Ibiza. This event is a collaboration between some of the strongest underground movements and DJs you can find, all have strong identities and have a long history within Ibiza's music industry occupying some of, and in fact most of, the best venues, rooms, boats, caves, villas and fields on the island! For many people involved in this event it is long overdue, not just at an industry level but also for people planning to come party for the day."

As it should be, the essence of the party is very much on fun! Joe explains the significance of Bes in the event: "This event is working for the party spirit of 'Bes' the original god of dance, one of the creators of the whole hedonistic and spiritual foundations of the island. We can no longer stay quiet nor be regulated to time restraints enforced by others. Come with a smile, dress full of colours and dance together in the sunshine whilst we still have a chance." (That's right, zoo fancy dress welcome!) 

Unsurprisingly, with the calibre of promoters involved, the roster of artists appearing is extremely fierce, don't get too close to them, they might bite. It'd be impossible to name them all (see flyer) but suffice to say the opportunity of playing at this rare event has got all the artists rather animated. Remember that daytime raving at it's throbbing and pulsating best is a rarity these days, so you understand the sentiment when Nathan Coles told us "I'm gonna get out of my cage"...

However, with somewhat reassuring predictability, it was Tim Sheridan who gave us the best vista on the event. So, unedited, unpunctuated, we'll leave you with Tim in all his glory. We WILL see you there everyone! "Ibiza is the centre of my universe. It saddened me that the Consell basically made us criminals. So I left. Events like this festival show the politicians that they cannot defeat us. Organiser Joe Upton was one of the reasons I started to do free parties again and it is exactly dedicated rave-buccaneers like him that is keeping the true spirit of Ibiza alive. Whiled the geriatric armchair cynics revel in negativity about ibiza and the fucking part timers stay away... the professional party people will be flying the rave flag proudly at this brilliantly unique festival. Also. It's one of the first lineups I've seen where I thought "shit! I want to see all those acts on the bill."

DJs throughout the day:
Roll on September 24th ... 5 arenas, outdoor from 4 pm till midnight, till 6am inside: Nathan Coles, Fred Everywhere, Dyed Soundorom, Marc Antona (Live), Seuil (Live) Evil Eddie Richards, Terry Francis, Dan Ghenacia, Mr C, Dollz At Play, Adultnapper, Liz Edwards, Little Mike, Geddes, Jamie Jones, Damien Lazarus, Alex Wolfenden, Manu L, Tim Sheridan, Jo Mills. Carl Grant (LA Synthesis), Callum, Bekka Rawkins, Defex. Jean Cedric.

25€ wristbands (in advance from around the island) | 50€ on the door | 35€ before 6pm
On Line : £20 (plus £1.50 booking fee) Tickets here or from Ticketweb.co.uk

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