DC10 to be closed for 1 year from today.

Words by: Marx
Posted: 6/10/08 18:03

The Authorities closed the Dc10 this Monday just 10 minutes before Circoloco session was supposed to start…

Last week, at a meeting of the Sant Josep Council, it was confirmed that "in the next days" the owners of DC10 will be informed of the requirement to comply with this most recent in a long list of sanctions; on this occasion a €300,000 fine and closure for 1 year.  

Having already been closed at the start of the season and subsequently back in business since August, the precedent of rolling penalties against the club now seems a clear tactic. Furthermore, confusingly, the judicial process is so slow, that this particular sanction actually relates to proceedings that began in 2007 and once again concern the 65 person capacity that DC10 has so frequently exceeded.  

In local press and radio stations in Ibiza, reports have explained how DC10 appealed the decision but the Judge refused to retract after balancing the financial interests of DC10 with the obvious discrepancy in the number of people allowed in, and actually attending, the club. In black and white like that, the home of Circoloco had no chance.   

A year long closure from October would see DC10 shut for the 2009 season. Moreover, however much people have enjoyed the last 2 months at Circo Loco, those events now provide the ammunition for further proceedings to be brought against the club before the 2010 season. If anyone was unsure, it is clear that the authorities will not stop until DC10 ceases to be. The solution of a licence being granted to the club is the logical solution but it will never happen. 

The future has never looked so bleak.....

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From Circoloco HQ:

The closing of the season 2008 is confirmed @ Privilege (Cocoloco + La Vaca)
Monday 13th October h.18:00! CIRCOLOCO NEVER DIES
Closing Party Gallery here



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