Justin Martin share his Chaos theory on Buzzin Fly.

Words by: Dave
Posted: 20/10/08 9:57

When the San Francisco label DirtyBird first properly exploded onto the scene four years ago, the world's eyes were set firmly on Claude VonStroke. While the bearded techno monster's consistent influence on today's dancefloors is undeniable, there was someone equally exciting lurking behind him. His name is Justin Martin

A cheeky fellow with an unfathomable love for house music, his first cut, inspired and nurtured by VonStroke himself, was Sad Piano on Ben Watt's Buzzin' Fly. He's flitted freely between the two labels ever since, providing the world with a series of deep funk cuts on both side of the filth fence. Here we see him embrace both sides of his styles in what's easily one of the best house mixes you'll find all year.  

In a sense it's nothing new. Catch Justin behind the decks at any club and he'll be doing the same - running house music's beautiful gamut with glee. From Metro Area to Michael Meyer, he hand picks his own beat bounty with a unique blend that's unmistakably his own. 

Take this mix, the second in what's becoming an essential series for all groove aficionados; smooth but stupid, rough but rolling, not only does it celebrate Justin's skills as a true connoisseur, it embraces all that's great about the current state of dance music. From the staccato melancholy of Dapayk Solo's 50mann50Hz to the bump and flex finesse of his new track My Angelic Demons via the sleepy snake charming notes of Kreon & Lernos's Lookooshere, Justin treads a delicate line between the profoundly deep and the alarmingly heavy.  

Elsewhere Loco Dice's Last Train To Brooklyn spits with a minimal techno tongue, Stimming's Kleine Nachtmusik injects a sudden rush of euphoria into your mind, body and soul, Christian Martin's Elephant Fight adds some old skool gravitas and Tim Green's Revox whooshes you into outer space without so much as a moments notice. Hell he's even found time for Radio Head (his own remix of course) and a homage to Kraftwerk courtesy of Robag Wruhme's Moscavia

A sonorous performance riddled with his own edits and remixes, complete with a sombre string-drenched outro and intro, this is far cry from most of the house mixes that clutter the record store shelves right now. Without so much as a whiff of a 'big hit' or a 'tried and tested banger', Justin's curated a blend that promises to stand the test of time. If you like house music, you'll love this mix. Chaos has never felt so good.

Artist: Justin Martin
Title: Chaos Restored 2
Label: Buzzin' Fly

Track list:
01. Justin Martin - How I Feel Intro
02. DJ Koze - Let's Love
03. Stateless - Bloodstream (Henrik Schwarz Remix)
04. Rodriguez Jnr - Pina Colada (Voodeux Brew Remix)
05. Dapayk Solo - 50mann50hz
06. Onkel Brutalo - Selva (Mri Smiling Faces Remix)
07. Loco Dice - M Train To Brooklyn
08. Kreon & Lemos - Lookooshere (Wighnomy's Rollmops Rework)
09. Stimming - Kleine Nachtmusik (No Beats Mix)
10. Tim Green - Mr. Dry
11. Einmusik - Challenge
12. Radiohead - Nude (Justin Martin Remix)
13. Christian Martin - Elephant Fight (Justin's Jungle Beats)
14. Tim Green - Revox / (Justin Martin Remix) Dirtybird
15. Robag Wruhme - Moscavia / Freude Am Tanzen
16. Marshall Jefferson - Mushrooms (Justin Martin Remix)
17. The Per Eckbo Orchestra - Kodo Verano
18. Justin Martin - My Angelic Demons
19. Karmina - Wonder 21 (Matthew Jonson's 21 Roses Remix)
20. Justin Martin - How I Feel Outro



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