Confidential with... Tobi Neumann. #1

Words by: I-Voice
Posted: 28/10/08 13:21

If you were to put the DNA of Austrian born Neumann under the microscope, you would more likely see crotchets and clefs on a staff than anything resembling a double helix.

A background that took him from classical music and the piano to playing guitar in several bands in Munich, Tobi then went into the studio as a student and the love affair with all sounds electronic began. Following a 'Eureka' moment at Berlin Love Parade in 1996, Tobi rapidly turned initial dance music intrigue into DJ gigs and then his well known night, Flokati, at Ultraschall, the legendary Munich club.

Having joined the Cocoon artist roster in 2002, Tobi Neumann as DJ became a fixture in the hottest clubs worldwide and he has toured extensively ever since. He is regular guest at Robert Johnson (Offenbach), Weekend in Berlin, Cocoon @ Amnesia and Fabric in London.

Tobi Neumann the producer is never far away either, whether it be previous duty for Chicks on Speed or Miss Kittin or new project 'Sensitiva', with Onur Özer. Ultimately, this makes Tobi one of the leaders of the Berlin scene.


1) Where do you call home?
With my family, Munich, Vienna & Berlin, my flat & my friends, and Offenbach Robert Johnson Club still.

2) Were you happy as a child?
Not sure. I think mostly yes.

3) How much did your childhood help you in becoming an artist?
I think my parents gave me the choice of culture and the influence that this could theoretically happen.

4) What or who is the biggest inspiration in your life?
Hmm... so many things in different periods of my life. No doubt, a very big inspiration was of course Mozart for me when I was a young kid. Later in my life, techno was a big inspiration and the driving force for me to become a DJ.

5) Children, yes or no?

6) Who is your idol and why?
Brian Eno, because of his music. Bob Marley because of his songs, and also Egon Schiele cause of his output of incredible paintings in the short life he had.

7) Do you believe in fate or God?
I believe in the power of the nature and in destiny, some call it God.

8) Which artist or track did you think was no good but became successful?
Next question please...

9) One thing you hate about dance music culture…?
The people who always tell us that techno/house/vinyl is dead. Usually the same ones who before were hyping about them the most. Suck it in and then spit it out.. I hate this!

10) Last club you went to party at, rather than to play?
Club der Visionäre summer closing 2 weeks ago. Fantastic!

11) If you were interviewing yourself, what question would you ask and what would the answer be...
Keine ahnung! (translation = no idea!) I never thought about this.

12) What is your philosophy towards life?
Music of course.

13) What do you want to plug/promote?
Mr. Raoul K, a guy from Kiel, who is making great music on the label Baobab Music! AND the DJ-team Eva Maria & Martine from Amsterdam who are playing music that is really nice and sexy!!


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