Guillaume and the Coutu Dumonts endless summer - L'ete des Indiens.

Words by: smac
Posted: 6/11/08 12:36

Guillaume and the Coutu Dumonts records, like his name, tend towards the fleshier and well rounded. I like to imagine a little backing troupe of 'Coutu Dumonts'  - perhaps a distant relative of the Munchkins - strumming away on an assortment of ethnic instruments in a smoky studio with a Machiavellian Guillaume orchestrating the results into an electronic vibe.

Maybe he smuggled them all back from his much publicised African sojourn. Or maybe he really is just one man with a prodigious musical talent. Either way, the fresh and acoustic sound that is produced certainly owes more to an organic production method than that of the peer group and genre that it is generally slotted into.

L´été des Indiens (Indian Summer for any non-frenchies out there) has all the feel of bareback round-ups in a dusty desert complete with tribal percussion and tom-toms. 'Halleluya Yeah' takes a steady trotting low-end bass and overlays an almost vocal line using the type of instrument that one could spend days identifying. It's a definite return to the terrace house style on the late 90's that has been infiltrating the scene over the last few months and a clear sign that stripped back minimal-tech has had its day. The fact that Guillaume's releases are picked up so readily by the underground and the mainstream alike is testament to the flexibility and expertise of the classically trained man behind the name.

'Le Tigre' is even more percussion-laden, if that were possible, with an distinctly up-tempo beat driving the reins. The vast array of percussive sounds retains the interest throughout what is structurally a very basic layout. The clarity of the recording will have punters looking round the room for the bongo player in parts, but alas, it's hard to find a friendly drummer as cohesive and considerate as this, and believe me we get our share in Ibiza. As an genre-straddling EP  that would sound as perfect at Pacha as at Panorama, L'ete des Indiens ticks all the boxes and Guillaume and his Coutu Dumonts should give themselves a pat on the back and maybe take a little summer holiday themselves.

Artist: Guillaume & the Coutu Dumonts
Title: L'ete Des Indiens
Label: Oslo Germany

Track List:
Halleluya Yeah
Le Tigre



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