Confidential with... Cassy. #2

Words by: I-Voice
Posted: 13/11/08 10

With a heritage that saw her born in England and raised in Austria, by a Caribbean father and an Austrian mother; Cassy's family tree now encompasses pretty much everything and everyone that is cool about her home city Berlin. 

Since her move to the German capital in 2003, she has grown her reputation as a DJ and commanded ever increasing recognition as a producer. Want the evidence? Well how about the fact she can call home arguably the world's leading club venue - Berghain/Panoramabar. Her monthly residency upstairs is a place where most artists would give up their fee to play.  

And as for the productions, well, working with the likes of Steve Bug, Ricardo Villalobos, Luciano and Mathew Jonson make clear the respect Cassy's abilities demand. Furthermore, her own work has appeared on Perlon and Uzuri, coupled with her own self-titled label for future solo productions, « Cassy ».  Cassy's music provides a raw, unadulterated electronic experience that is stripped back in a true minimalist sense; anathema to all the bullshit of genres and what's cool or not. Conveying the soul of acid house, the Berlin influence is also clear; Close your eyes and you can picture the dark, sexual corners of Berghain as much as the more frothy ambience of the Panoramabar sounds and vibes. 2008 has seen an unprecedented demand at international level for Cassy the DJ with a worldwide schedule encompassing Japan and several dates in the States. In Europe, let's just say that if Cassy hasn't played there, then it's not cool….


1) Where do you call home?

2) Were you happy as a child?
Sometimes, or sometimes most of the time.

3) How much did your childhood help you in becoming an artist?
I guess it helped as much as it didn't help.

4) What or who is the biggest inspiration in your life?
My husband and some musicians or bands and people

5) Children, yes or no?
Maybe in the future

6) Who is your idol and why?
It's difficult to name one person...

7) Do you believe in fate or God?

8) Which artist or track did you think was no good but became successful?
Almost every song in the international top ten for the past 15 years...

9) One thing you hate about dance music culture…?
I guess you could also ask one thing you hate about human nature?

10) Last club you went to party at, rather than to play?
Club der visionäre in Berlin

11) If you were interviewing yourself, what question would you ask and what would the answer be?
If you could go back in time to relive a certain period what time or period would it be?

My answer would be: Weimar republic Berlin, first republic Vienna, 80s New York, 90s New York, 60s London, 20s and 30s Paris, c. 1600 New Amsterdam (just to see what New York City used to look like), the same goes for Tokyo - what was it like a few hundred years ago, before the Bolshevik revolution Moscow, or Azerbaijan, Teheran before Khomeini or Persia in general a few hundred years ago... Baghdad around 700 a.d.

Many other places, this would be amazing fun. I would love to buy a time machine...

12) What is your philosophy towards life?
Sometimes you have to put all your eggs in one basket...

13) What do you want to plug?
I would like to plug my birthday party at Panoramabar on the 15th November.  |

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