Seuil Double Room on Moonharbour.

Words by: Guy Hornsby
Posted: 27/11/08 12:14

Many artists have had humble beginnings, but there can't be many that hail from Reunion. A small island nestled off the east of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean, it's the inauspicious homeland of Alexis Benard, better known to denizens of minimal techno as Seuil. From such a remote location, his electronic awakening followed a move to the bright lights and dark nights of Paris as a teenager where he applied his classical background to the more prosaic world of techno.  

His first release in 2006 on Hamburg's Einmaleins imprint was a statement of intent, a trio of pulsating, tumbling beats and water-tight melodies. In the intervening time, he's appeared on Igloo, Lomidhigh, his own Eklo label and Freak'n'Chic, and he rounds off the year with an EP on teuton heavyweight Moonharbour: The Double Room EP.  

The title track has at its spine an irresistible groove, with strings and chopped, muffled and inverted vocals orbiting around its rolling centre. It's the warm underbelly of Germany's previously colder, sparser environs, a silver lining to a cold winter.

She Percs Me, rather unsurprisingly, is a myriad of layered rhythms - kicks, bongos, stacatto hats, handclaps - that's much more a metronomic timepiece, beating to a four-four drum, and finally breathing into life when the bassline stabs are borne into the mix at well over half-distance.  

Making up the triptych is No Time For Love, the most expansive of the three. Still sharing the bongos of Percs, and the groove of Double Room, it forges ahead with a warped but rounded bassline, opening slowly up with a piano that first creeps then soars into the breakdown like a caged bird finally released into the crisp morning air. There's an energy to all three that shows the ethos behind Seuil's productions perfectly, staying true to the focussed nature of the genre, but with emotion and character that lifts it above the surface and into the light.

Artist: Seuil
Title: The Double Room EP

Label: Moonharbour Rec.

Track list:
Double room
She percs me
No time for love


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Erick Morillo
Valentino Kanzyani