Desolat... in the groove.

Words by: I-Voice
Posted: 27/11/08 11:28

Desolat by name, passionate by nature - Martin Buttrich and Loco Dice's stands out on its own, surrounded by a shroud of mystery.

Not only do the stripped back sounds give little away, but neither do the label founders. "Desolat is founded on our deep passion for dance music and the feeling that we can add our flavour to it" Dice says, leaving the rest to our imagine.  

Springing out of a firm friendship between Dice and Buttrich, Desolat is an extension of work they'd already created together. Established in 2007, it's just as much part of Loco's debut album '7 Dunham Place' as killer tracks such as the latest release 'Pimp Jackson Is Talking Now.'

Dedicated to exploring the space between techno and house, Desolat began with an almighty bang - Dubfire's thunderous Ribcage - and they haven't looked back since. Producers following Dubfire's bone-cracking bomb include the likes of Internullo, Sebbo, Moritz von Oswald, Danny Ocean, Jay Haze and Luciano… An all star cast, then.   

Now, as we reach the beginning of a new year, Desolat promise 2009 is going to play an even bigger role on tomorrow's dancefloors. Artists due to appear on the label over the coming months include DJ Sneak, Luciano, Marcel Dettmann, Marco Carola, Cassy and Onur Ozer. Regardless of who the release comes from, however, there's one thing we can be sure of - it will be done with true passion and dedication; "Every release is a highlight for us," Dice says. "Because there is always a personal story behind the release and/or the track.

Desolat by name, passionate by nature - with two of the most talent techno producers on the planet behind it, Loco Dice and Buttrich's label is set to grow and grow over the coming years. This is just the beginning…

Label name: Desolat
Started: 2007
Address: "Somewhere in Düsseldorf"
Distribution: Vinyl:
Discomania | Digital: Zebralution
Beatport you can find exclusive tracks every now and then

Label Artists:
Loco Dice, Martin Buttrich, Jay Haze, Luciano & Dubfire  

Most successful releases:
(DESOLAT001) Dubfire - Ribcage
(DESOLAT003) Sebbo - Watamu Beach
(DESOLATLP001) Loco Dice - 7 Dunham Place

Current releases:
Loco Dice - Pimp Jackson Is Talking Now!
(DESOLAT005)  Jay Haze - Mama Coca
(DESOLAT006)  Luciano & Mirko Loko - Family EP

Forthcoming releases: 
(DESOLAT 7DPRMX001) Loco Dice - 7 Dunham Place Remixed



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