Marco Carola creates Bloody Cash on Plus 8.

Words by: Gregorio
Posted: 1/12/08 12:11

The embodiment of quality boshing techno in the mid to late 90s, Marco Carola is a stalwart of the underground. 

Whether through the 'Question' series or minimal experimentations in the last few years, the Neapolitan is able to fashion unique sounds, founded on principles of tough, dark and funky, without the need to rehash old work.

This latest offering on Plus 8 - in the last 2 years, all his work has been on this label or his 2MM-nus offshoot- sees him return from the solid but standard 'Plus One' and 'Plus Two' earlier in the year. If those releases represented the stagnation of a genre in 2008, then Bloody Cash is yet another example of the increasing infiltration of funky elements and classic house sounds within techno.

The title track uses tribal beats as the hook and whilst the jazzy riff at midpoint seems out of place, the horns of classic 90s New York house ensnare you decisively and you're dancing again. 'Sirens' is the struggle to escape the inside of an industrial machine, a mechanical battle of grinding cogs and echoing filters punctured only, at interludes, by more classic tech/tribal synth. The scattered beats means it lacks the rhythm of its track mates though and, aside from the middle section hook, it grates somewhat.

The third track, 'Pampero', is the simplest track of the EP and has DJ tool written all over it, using an incessant hi-hat for practically the duration of the six and a half minutes to break the monotony of the rocking, soulless tech. Then lastly, after a 2 minute run up of standard 4/4 beats, 'Long Jump' hurls itself out across the sand with an almighty leap, propelled by the hammering synthesised funk, bit part player in tracks 1 and 2 but chief protagonist here.

Bloody Cash will answer critics of Plus One and Plus Two, but the EP typifies the crossroads at which artists like Carola finds themselves going into 2009. Based on the evidence here, minimal is a well trodden path that artists are scrambling to get off, although for Marco, it is more a case of retracing old steps than taking a completely new route.

Artist : Marco Carola
Title: Bloody Cash
Label: PLUS 8 REC.

1. Bloody Cash
2. Sirens
3. Pampero
4. Long Jump


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